Native Qobuz on Naim App


How do you get Qobuz natively on the Naim App? I can cast via Chrome Cast but can’t see how to get the native icon like with Spotify and Tidal. I have a hardwired connection and casting hires via my phone seems a bit backwards!

If I am being daft then apologies!

Thanks in advance.

What Naim streamer are you using ?

In this instance a Nova but have an ND555 on order so wish for Qobuz to be available on that also without casting.

Is the input enabled in the app?

There is no option in the input settings for Qobuz. Everything thats available in the input settings shows in that swipable menu at the top of the app.

Firmware says it the latest version and I dowloaded the app today from apple store.

On the ND555 go into settings and enable Qobuz it will then be on the app home screen.

You mean the input settings I assume? No mention of Qobuz in there!

In settings you should see Qobuz enable this and the icon should be on the home screen.

Have you downloaded the latest update for the Nova? Then you go in settings and you have to enable Qobuz.

I do not have those same options, I attach my list. There is only 1 item difference in each picture as the list is annoyingly 1 item too long to fit in one shot!

@frenchrooster the firmware says its up to date/latest version. That was the first thing I checked.

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You will have this option on the ND555 I can’t give any advice on the Nova options as I have never used one.

So you don’t see Qobuz in the settings ?

@frenchrooster no its not there. The screen grabs above are what I see…

That’s odd, all the current Naim streamers support Qobuz now, so you should see it as long as both streamer firmware and app are up to date. Can you check which version of both you are running?

@ChrisSU they both suggest they are up to date and don’t offer an update option. I attach a screen grab showing the info

Your Nova firmware version looks very out to date. The Qobuz update was in version 3.4.

In the Naim app, choosing Settings - Check for Updates should offer you a download of the latest release.
If not, contact Naim support. My Nova and ND555 both stream Qobuz now.

That’s an old firmware version, if you go to Settings > Check for Updates you should see a prompt to update. If not, maybe a factory reset would prompt it.

Strange. Sorry but can’t help you. You should contact Naim support i feel.

Ah, last idea: try a factory reset.