Native Qobuz update

192 skips with Me as well, i tought it was a internet Speed thing - i have a 100mps - line

One thing I have noticed this weekend when trying to play a playlist it would stall after a few tracks. Having the app continously open seemed to curtail it at first. Navigating away to another app on the ipad whilst listening caused the stream to stop at the end of a song. I will play around with it again tonight. Has anyone else had the same issue?

Nothing to do with internet access speed. Naim are aware and are working on a fix.


Why are the Search results so limited when searching from within Qobuz in the Naim app compared to searching from the home page of the Naim app and then applying the Qobuz filter? For example searching for Lucinda Williams from within Qobuz brings up one playlist and no albums but searching from the home page brings up loads of stuff on Qobuz. Searching within Qobuz suggests that U2 have never existed which may be wishful French thinking!

I find the search function rather odd, sometimes i have to delete the search, start again and then it finds the artist.

I’ve tried altering the settings on my NDX2 but no matter what I do Qobuz still keeps jumping track.
I’ve withdrawn my subscription and trial until such time it is fixed on Naim.
It’s a pity because for the short time Qobuz played in Hi Res I liked the SQ.
The other thing I noticed was Qobuz had along way to go to catch Spotify for site navigation.
If only Spotify would go to Hi Res.

Been using mainly Qobuz in various formats for the last week no problems whatsoever including some albums that other people were encountering problems with.

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May have already been discussed but is there a way to organize favorites in Qobuz in the Naim app? Seems that they are randomly placed in favorites without any organization that I have determined.

Not at the moment I did bring this up with Naim during Beta testing.

It seems to me that unfortunately Qobuz are way behind Spotify when it comes to site navigation. Using the Naim app Spotify blends in seamlessly for me, shame about the SQ!

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I also reacted to this as I am a new Qobuz subscriber, but as I learned to understand it, only a few of the high res albums are 192 khz and most of them are 96 khz. However I must say that I am very happy with the quality and sound, listening to Qobuz. I changed from Tidal due to the issue with mqa when listening through my Nova.

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I compared same album Al Di Meola - across the universe …between my file to qobuz must admit I prefer mine into my Melco ,sound more crispy… but Qobuz is still sound great by himself

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I fully agree that, imho, the Spotify app is outstanding and works fast and flawlessly. It’s a pity that Spotify does not offer an option for high resolution audio. I would jump on it in a heart beat.


Can you tell me more about the Tidal issue with MQA when using your nova ?

I’m trying Qobuz & Tidal, CD quality only (no Hires for me) and it is difficult to choose one or other as quality seems so similar.

Speaking about native Qobuz, do we have a date for this update dedicated to Mu-So 2 ?

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Naim does not support MQA. What I have found in previous threads is that Naim has no intention of adding MQA support to its streamers. Without MQA, you cannot listen to Tidal Masters, but you can of course listen toTidal CD quality. My preference is to listen to Qobuz High Res via the Naim app. The sound quality is clearly better than the sound quality of Tidal CD, in my opinion.

Thanks. IMHO, MQA is pure commercial & marketing and Naim are right to not support it.

I need to choose between Tidal CD & Qobuz CD (no Hires because of budget)… and it is not easy.
I own a Nova and an old Uniti 1 (upgraded). The last work with Tidal only but I listen mainly jazz & classical… so, you understand the difficulties to choose for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I cannot hear any general difference in sound quality between the two alternatives that you are mentioning. I guess it comes down to the selection of music that is available from the different choices.

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Hmm those that follow me know I am hardly an advocate of MQA, but I am not sure your assertion is really fair.
MQA is a lossy hidefinition codec type… it’s rather ingenious, and what it does it does rather well by compressing hidefinition audio whilst maintaining the essence of much of the recording with the minimum (albeit quite evident to some) side effects.
It is certainly more than just ‘marketing’, which I agree tends to be somewhat close to the line sometimes in its claims.
Remember in the early days (and possibly still now) MP3 was licensable too, which is I understand why Spotify uses Ogg Vorbis compression which is licence free.

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sorry wrong thread

If this is the case, and I do not doubt that what you are saying is correct, I am puzzled why Naim, as a high end audio company, only offers their customers Tidal without the possibility to listen to Tidal Masters.