Native Qobuz update


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Any idea of when QB2 will receive Qobuz update? Apologies in advance if this has already been asked. Thx

It’s currently in beta testing.

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Thanks for the detailed and comprehensive response. First rate Steve.

Thanks Steve for the fast response on my provocative post. But looking on other devices with same Audivo streamer board, there are nice working options. Simaudios Moon Mind (1) is working with Qobuz, limited to 16/44 but working. And they offer an upgrade Board to Moon Mind 2 with all the new cool things. At least Quboz with 16/44 should be possible for Naim for the „legacy“ streamers, if an upgrade board is too complicated.

That is interesting to me. My Qobuz randomly stops between tracks and I wonder if that is linked to the issues discussed here.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. I’ve been evaluating Qobuz and noticed the drops from time to time on some 24/192 tracks. It’s good to know you are working on a fix for this. My thanks go out to you and your team

Does anybody know when the update will be released?
I ended my trial with Qobuz because tracks dropped out on hi res.
I’ll go back once the software issue is fixed because the SQ was very good.

It must be pretty imminent, i think they will get the Muso/QB Qobuz launch out of the way this week, and the other hopefully if Naim are happy will follow on shortly.

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Great to know that the little guys are now up the big guys for native Qobuz.
Can’t say though that I am a big fan of the rack that comes with the Qb2 update.

Can anybody help please? Downloaded new firmware onto Muso Qb 2nd Gen. Signed into Qobuz but only get 30s of each track. Using Qobuz through Chromecast works as normal. Signed into my Qobuz account to check my account and am asked if I want to try a 30 day free trial. I have already got a subscription so what is happening?

Have you signed into your Qobuz account on the Muso, not just the Qobuz app?

Yes I have Chris. It accepted my login details and then asked if I wanted one months free streaming.

Just logged into Qobuz account through google. Same happens - accepts my login details. When I go into my streaming plan it just asks if I want a months trial.

i had a problem when i was signed in on quobuz own app and then tried to sign in thru naim app - logging out of quobuz own app seemed to fix it - but of course you would lose any off-line listening downloads

Thanks indexical will try that

you might need to restart phone/tablet and possibly muso - good luck- i went thru many iterations -by the way is the muso your only streaming device?