"NC" Interconnects?

Since updating from a NAC-N 272/XPS DR/NAP 250 DR to a NSC 222/NPX300/NAP 250, inheriting the SL speaker cables from my previous system, I have been considering adding SL XLR interconnects to the 222/250. Particularly after hearing reports of the impressive performance of some ‘NC XLR interconnects’ Naim staff brought to various dealerships 200/300 demonstration days.

You would think this would be easy - great decision, this is what you need and this is how much, £3599 on the latest and previous years Naim price list for a 1.5m pair. Just order what’s on the price list.

Obvious question - are these the ‘NC’ version demonstrated by Naim? Both my dealer, and other dealers of whom I enquired, have received nothing but dissembling and downright evasive responses from their reps and Naim support - no-one will clearly state whether there is or is not an ‘NC’ version of the XLR interconnect, presumably compatible with the pseudo balanced XLR’s of the NC kit.

Why is this so difficult to answer? No-one will want to spend what is clearly such a large sum on what may be a previous generation interconnect, not wholly compatible with the new NC hardware. Or does it not matter at all. Either way, clarity is what is both required and, currently, absent.


Why not call Naim Support and just ask them? I’m sure they will know what’s what. Out of interest, why profit motive in the title?

The title doesn’t seem to make any sense here. Perhaps a different one?

I’ve not heard of any special “NC” cable, apart from the ones listed in the FAQ here to enable Old Classic and New Classic to connect to one another. IS that what you’re referring to?

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Did that, unfortunately a similarly ambiguous response to that of the dealers.

It’s not a difficult question is it, just yes or no will do, but I, and I doubt anyone else, will rush out to buy last year’s version if that’s what’s in stock - hence the profit comment.

I’m not that happy with the title either.


Just let me know what would you like instead? I think it makes a lot more sense than the original which I found totally baffling.

FWIW, I don’t think you can use the existing SL interconnects with the New Classics as they are single ended, not balanced. I would guess that Naim may well be developing versions that will do so, but only if they offer a worthwhile performance uplift over the standard ones.

Thanks Richard, better title, and your subsequent comment exactly paraphrases the issue….

However, there have been a number of reports of a new SL XLR interconnect specifically for the NC Series, hence my queries to both the dealer channel and Naim support.

Given the simplicity of the question, no response inspired sufficient confidence to place an order, but referenced the existing interconnect or OC-NC XLR adapters, which you would agree does not answer the question.

I suppose just waiting a few months for the dust to settle might be the pragmatic solution l


I’m not aware of anything like that (Super lumina NC versions) being available at the moment. I’m sure we’ll all know if and when Naim are ready to announce such things to everyone.

Have you read this post?

I think that refers to (prototype?) NC SL XLR leads

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I saw it, but I’m not aware of anything being available right now.

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Indeed saw that, but have the same issue as Richard D.


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The one that TomTom had was a dealer demo loaner direct from Naim HQ (via Darren Woodyatt most likely). As I understand it there’s a small quantity of samples in a controlled distribution and it may well be subject to further tweaks and refinements before being more generally available and something you could order for your own system.


There may be development of a SuperLumina XLR cable tweaked for the NC amps, but there has been a standard balanced XLR SL on the price list for many years. It is there because Statement employs a balanced connection between preamp and amps (and there are balanced inputs on the preamp).

It isn’t that one that TomTom had, it’s a new one specific to the 200/300 Series.

I’m curious as to the specific 200/300 application, given the standard XLR connectivity approach. Perhaps there is industry standard and Naim standard :grinning:

I’ll be interested in what is released anyway.

They are Super Lumina XLR interconnects, apparently tweaked from the previous SL XLR interconnects presumably to accommodate the pseudo balanced connections on the NC 200/300 Series……?

All a bit willothewisp at the moment though :smirk:.


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Regardless of specifics they’re the price of a decent family holiday I know that much!



The return of Evil Edna :joy::joy::joy::joy:

ATB, J of that certain age!

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