Nd 555 which burndies go where?

Waiting for visual support from my dealer with my new nd 555 I am stuck. It seems that it is important which burndy is inserted in what socket. If this is correct how do you spot the idiffrence.
I am sure this is a small visual marking on one of the burndies, and if so I need to wait for visual support on this one.


Each Burndy cable has ID - one with a single banded end and one with a double banded end. The Single banded Burndy cable connects to Input and Output 1, the double banded Burndy cable to Input and Output 2.

The Quick start guide pictures show you visually how to connect these to your 555PS.

Not even the bands can be detected without sight! This needs some aftermarking for the future. Hopefully my dealer is available soon. There are very few things in a Naim setup that cannot be done without vision however this is one of them.

Yes, apologies, I didn’t quite appreciate the full issue initially. I agree, that’s a tricky one without someone sighted to assist. Perhaps Naim could consider braille on the bands in future. Do you have someone close by or a neighbour who could help with the ID?

Burndies are now inserted, my dealer is fantastic on remote support on facetime! So the next obvious question. Where Is the connection that must be used in order to activate remote automation so I can use the nd555 remote to control volume on the 252.
The only socket on the 555 that looks like the correct one, is the small round connection beside the 2 bnc plugs? I have tried the cable I use to connect a audio player to my Muso qb in the kitchen, but that cable does not seem to fit neither in the 555 or in the socket on the 252.

Claus - that’s the S/PDIF input. The layout is two BNC sockets, Phono socket (the one you found) , then two little squares for the Toslink inputs and then the small socket for the system automation. You’ll need a 3.5mm to RCA cable for this.

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You need a 3.5mm jack to rca…….these are cheap as chips, ask your dealer to send one. Hope it sounds great.

I struggle to find much on naims Web site to help with system automation. It’s a great benefit with newer devices and nacs. But hard to find info on. Bugger all mention in my user manual for the 282.
OK, so it’s not hard once you know. And have the 50p cable. And yes, your dealer should/could help. You’d think its an obvious conversion when the know you have an ndx2 and have just bought a Nac. But not from mine. And limited info on their website. And what the hell is RC5 Modulation? No idea what it does or whether I should use it.

Because there is none as far as I can tell. An outdated manual can be found via Google:

It does explain the cable basics, but it’s all for the old streamers. As the sockets on streamers and pre are somewhat confusingly labeled (“IR out” on the NDX2 and “RC5” on the 252 IIRC), an up-to-date manual would be really needed, has been mentioned many times. (In one existing thread, even a dealer got it all wrong).

On the upside, the question is being asked so often that searching the forum for system automation gives you plenty of results with all the info

And as for “RC 5 Modulation” in the app:

I cannot find this “?” in the current app (on Android), but you definitely don’t need the setting with 282 or the other current amps.

Edit: Received confirmation that this context help via the “?” is not there in Android. Is known and on the list for the future.

The forum is where I got my info. And something I use everything with the ndx2 firing a simple signal to the 282. Change input or volume via my phone. Hardly rocket science but dammed handy.
Now. If only I could have a better graphic on the NDX2s display when using my TT or CD5xs.

Ah, I thought you were struggling. For the OP, I agree that it’s best if the dealer helps.

Thank you. I found an old cable that works fine so now I have volume control on the remote fantastic. On the ndsx5 a whole that looked like this one is the pin holw to reset the unit, however of course the 555 can do that with using the buttons on the front, but I have not come across anything about this in the manual. My nd555 comes from storage so no need to reset it, just update to current firmware.


Glad you got it all working. Enjoy your new ND555. A fantastic machine !


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