Nd 555

These are so many questions where a couple of minutes research - reading the manual, asking Mr Google, looking at the manufacturer’s website, using the the Forum search - would give the answer. I guess it’s just easier to ask others to do the heavy lifting.

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There are also so many questions where a simple helpful reply would be appropriate, rather than a snarky condescending response.


Indeed. The previous NDS could support multiple PSU options with the XPS (and XPS 5XS) being compatible (with the link plug in socket 2) as well as the one or two 555PS options.

No harm checking.


I thought so :+1:

:joy: Ive always found people really helpful on here. The heavy lifting concept made me chuckle


I’m chuckling right there with ya on the “heavy lifting” :handshake: :laughing:

Only dumb question is the one not asked; also, manuals don’t always have the answer. :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Yep I was taught that very same thing

Why not consider nDAC/555PS combo instead, same chip, superb performance, or for you havimg a screen is a must?

There’s much more to the difference than just the screen


Please, can you share more, have you made a direct comparison? same conditions? nDAC is copy paste from the legendary CD555, right ? I would love to hear more.

They share the PCM1704K DAC chipset but from there on much is different, although both do have a discrete analogue output stage. The DAC white paper tells it better than I can;


The NDAC was not a copy and paste of the CD555 and certainly did not sound the same. There is more than just the Burr-Brown chip chosen to the sound of these things. Otherwise the CD555, NDAC, NDS and ND555 would all sound the same. They don’t.

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So maybe I should consider the the Dac as an upgrade for my XPS NDX BT
How would that fair compared to the NDS
The ND555 is out of my budget :grimacing:
The NDX 2 is a possibility but I’m only using iTunes lossless so the NDS could be just fine and it’s sounds like some people think it still sounds better. It would be interesting to here a response from anybody using the puritan 156 with the NDS, NDX 2 or the ND555 :thinking:

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Thank you @Richard.Dane , can you also share the white papers for ND555 please?

surely they must be sounding different for that price gap, but can you reveal some more color on the the differences?

All the White Papers (or at least most all) are available for download from the Naim website under the Support page.

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There’s tons in an earlier ND555 thread, including this: How good is the ND555? - #96 by Thomas

Thank you Richard!

@Michaelb , to put my question different… if someone offers you to bet 1:1 the difference in price between ND555 and nDAC/555PS (non-DR) with Furutech RCA clear line if you correctly distinguish the two in a blind test 10 out of 10 times, would you accept the bet?