ND5 XS issues

Hi - I have been having issues with Tidal streaming with the Naim app on my ND5 XS. From reading various forums I have come to the conclusion this is something to do with it being a legacy streamer.
I have the latest firmware and software. I also understand I cannot easily use the alternative Qobuz with this streamer So I am considering upgrading to the ND5 XS2 and using Qobuz. However I want to avoid any similar issues. Can anyone advise if they have had any similar issues with the ND5 XS2? Thanks

Hi, the ND5XS2 has native support for Qobuz which it was not possible to add to the old model. It also has support for Tidal Connect, AirPlay, Chromecast and Roon, better iRadio, and better WiFi performance. Most importantly it is a significant step up in sound quality, although it cannot use a power supply upgrade like the original. I think you will find it a worthwhile upgrade, but as always you should try to arrange a demo and decide for yourself.

So would the ND5 XS2 be compatible with my old NAP140 power Amp?

I recently sold my ND5 XS and before selling updated to the latest firmware so I could stream Tidal and make sure everything was working properly. It worked like a dream and sounded better than I expected - it’s been boxed up for a couple of years since purchasing an NDX 2. So I’m not sure why you are having difficulties. It should stream Tidal perfectly. It would be a shame for you to have to go to the expense of a new streamer just to be able to stream Tidal. Are you sure you have the latest firmware? Tidal won’t play without it.

The information for the latest update to the legacy streamers enabling continued Tidal playback is here:

Yes, no problem.

Yes I have had the latest firmware (4.8) ever since they released it and my app is 5.24 (iOS). My issue is only with Tidal - when streaming it will stop for anything from 2 to 30 seconds and then continue so makes listening intolerable. So yes it is a shame to have to upgrade just because of this but I do not see a solution. There is no issue with Spotify. So what is one to do if one wants high res streaming? It goes against the grain to have to buy new gear because it doesn’t function- especially as I’ve had my Naim system for 35 years now and it still sounds wonderful ( apart from the godamn streamer)!! Even thinking of Naim alternatives streaming wise.

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Is the ND5 wired for streaming? For HiRes you need either a very good WiFi connection or the unit to be wired in.

This is more likely to be a network issue and should be cheaper to fix than a streamer upgrade. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s wired in

Yes you may be correct. I know nothing about network problems unfortunately. Difficult to get advice in this neck of the woods. The very knowledgeable Naim agent of 30 years has for reasons unknown relinquished his affiliation with Naim

Yes, it’ll be fine connected to your 72 which I presume is what you do with your ND5XS now.

you could get a cheap streamer with a digital out for your current nd5? like a rasberry pi based one for as little as 40-50 ukp thta will do tidal, qobuz etc…

It does indeed sound like a network issue. So sorry to hear this - I hope you can get it sorted!

I had similar with my FTC BT Broadband, it kept cutting out. However, it never affected the download speed, so most of the engineers couldn’t find a problem.

In the end, a very traditional and experienced engineer found the problem, in that my cable from their box to my house had deteriorated and needed to be replaced. Which meant digging up the path, etc.

In the end, I went with full fibre to the house with Giagclear. Now my speed is three times as fast and no drop outs.

It sounds like your problem is a network issue, which may be inside the house, but could also be external to the house. You need to get your ISP to undertake a thorough investigation and analysis.

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It would probably assist if you gave your home network setup. ISP, switches, wired or wireless etc

I have checked with my ISP and they have checked the data going out through the modem port to the streamer and said it’s in excess of 100 Mbps. However on the ND5 XS screen it looks like a buffer problem - is this an internal buffer in the streamer? Here is a link to a video of the Streamer buffer and dropouts.ND5 XS problem - YouTube

As asked previously, is this wired or wireless?


Wired directly to router which is connected to fibre. No switches and no other connections - wireless comes from the router for other devices.

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