ND5 XS Streamer update or not?

Hello Everyone.

I have an ND5 XS Streamer since 2017, it plays without any problems.
Now i saw that there are several updates.

What is best, update? Or stick with the “…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…” idea.



Oh…it depends what do you want …Qobuz directly from the Naim app ? Roon ? If no , keep the old ND5 with display

The best update ? The new one :smiley:

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I think he means firmware updates. I would say if it’s all working fine for you leave it alone but if anything isn’t right, then update to 4.7.


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I was not clear enoug. I did mean the firmware version.
Now it is on version, firmwaredate 2015-09-15.

So if the products are working fine why are there then updates?

These are not firmware numbers,
Use the Naim app on your tablet or smart phone
Open UPnP, touch the Tools icon at the top right corner,
Touch ‘About’ & it will show a line ‘Streamer Version’ … that is the firmware version number, it will be something like 4.4 or 4.6. Latest is 4.7 embodied Feb 2019

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I think Naim recommend always updating to the current and latest firmware if you can. I think this would happen also if you have the device serviced or repaired where everything that can be is brought to current specification. Firmware often improves technical performance as well as fixing specific faults… and this was quite marked with the first gen streamers.

Welcome to the forum by the way.

I logged in on its ip-number. I don’t use my Wifi for my audio, so it is connected directly to my network.
See picture below my Device Status

Surely you use the Naim app to play music?

That screen does not show the ND5 firmware in question.
I too have a network connection, but I use my iPad to browse my NAS media server. It’s an essential tool for the complete Naim browsing experience.
OK, if you don’t use the Naim app, you will need to look for it on the ND5 front panel screen using the remote control to browse the screens.
Scroll to Factory Settings on screen 10/10
Scroll to System Status 1/5
Scroll to screen number 28/38 … thats shows the firmware version

I used to. My android tablet broke down. Now i am on a convertable with windows 10. So have to use spotify or playing files from my Synology NAS.
Unfortualy Spotify doesn’t support radio. As far as i know.

And there is no Naim app for windows 10. I hope i am wrong.

In my opinion it is the firmware direct from the Naim unit.

What NAS do you use, Synology?

If so, what package (version?) did you install in the package center?

It may be time to get a new Android/iOS device to control your Naim streamer properly. This is how they are intended to be used.
The Naim app isn’t available on Windows.

In your opinion ??? Its some firmware OK, but believe me it’s not the updatable Naim firmware that we are discussing.
Yes Synology DS214, I don’t understand what you mean by ‘package version’, but if you mean DSM version, then I always have the latest available - 6.2.3-25426 Update 3
For UPnP media server, the Synology Media Server is very basic, it doesn’t transcode properly & play gapless.
I don’t like Minimserver because of the need to install other programs
I use Asset UPnP & that for me with my taste in music & genre, is perfect.

Hi, as Mike says the software update versions will be either version 4.4, 4.6 or 4.7
The firmwares and installers are here from Naim including for your streamer. https://www.naimaudio.com/updates

You can update your first gen streamer with either USB or RS232 interface, depending on age of streamer, using a MS Windows PC.

Agree with comment on streamers, especially first gen, you are not getting the most from them unless you use them with the Naim App on Android or iOS.

What is displayed in the web interface is not the firmware version being discussed here.

If you do what @Mike-B has already suggested the streamer will display the firmware version on the screen.

With a Sept 2015 firmware date, it’s likely to be on 4.3 because 4.4 wasn’t released until October 2015, unless it was built by Naim in September 2015 with an early build of 4.4 firmware before the public release of 4.4 the following month.



… and if David is correct & you do have 4.3, you must first install 4.4 to enable Tidal & then you can go to 4.7

Not so actually Mike. That was true if your destination is 4.6, but 4.7 has everything in it so you can go straight to 4.7 from 4.3, 4.4 or 4.6.



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Too many sleeps since we stopped beta testing this f/w.

…well now we’ve got that one cleared up! To answer your question:

If you use Tidal, I would certainly recommend making sure you are on the latest 4.7 firmware.
If you’re on a very old version, there may be some other functionality you are missing, but without knowing for sure what you are running now, we couldn’t say what that would be.