Nd5 xs2

Absolutely fed up with my nd5 xs2 streamer either not responding to the app or it disconnecting to the wired Internet its not my Internet as I’ve checked it and its a monitored network and there are no problems it was a nightmare to set up when I 1st got it due to this problem I contacted both my dealer and naim themselves who said its unusual for this to happen but from what I have read it’s a common fault so now it’s back in its box and going back I’m not putting up with it any longer I have asked for either a full refund as my dealer was made aware of the problem from day one or I want a new unit to say I’m pissed off is an understatement I have no faith in it anymore naim has dropped the ball they used to be good but now I’m not so sure will probably look elsewhere which means I have no music which is a disgrace considering the amount it costs

Sorry to hear this. I wouldn’t give up on Naim, I’m sure they’ll get it all worked out. You’ll likely hear most folks find the streamer a great addition to their setup.

What is a monitored network? You say it is wired but what is it wired to? Is it a cable connected directly to the router or is there anything else involved? I had a lot of problems similar to yours with mine to begin with but as soon as I installed a mesh wifi system and got rid of powerline adapters off my network it has been rock solid. The streamer wasn’t even connected to the powerline adapters, the mere presence of them on my network was enough to upset the streamer.


I’m with you @elverdiblanco . Mesh wifi has been rock solid. So much so I don’t even give the network a second thought.

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It’s the first post by a user and it starts with a rant, swearing, rattle/pram etc
And it’s not their network cos it is a supercalifragilistic ‘monitored’ network.

Why not just introduce themselves and ask for a bit of help or is this too much to ask nowadays? :thinking:


And not a single full stop or paragraph.


You will find a lot of people on this Forum are more than willing to help you, but you will need to provide detail information of your setup. As you have sent it back, I don’t understand why you entered your post at this late stage. You may well get a replacement device and find the same issue, in which case the issue will be with your setup, and your rant should probably have been held back until all avenues have been explored. If you do get it back, or get the same issue with a second device, please provide full detail of your setup and issue, and you may be surprised. Alternatively please feel free to provide that detail here now so we can at least members can explore the possibilities of what your issue may have been.


Mines on a wired network. Rock solid.


I do agree, not exactly the way to ask for help :roll_eyes:

Quite. Ranting like a loon rarely gets a good result.

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The OP doesn’t seem to need help. He wants a new item now or a full refund. So I wonder finally why post here. His Nd5xs2 is already back in the box.

Clearly I have no idea why the rant, but I see Streamers a bit like Windows computers. They are great when they work, but when they don’t, you need to be an IT expert to understand them, so I would not really class a Windows computer as User friendly.

Streamers may be possibly the same. If you have a ISP Router with a default config, and you plug a streamer hard wired into it, and your use its wireless connection for the app, and you use it for say Tidal/Spotify/Internet Radio then it should all work straight off.

Now if you start expanding your network with Powerlines extenders, or Mesh network, then you need to be a little more network savvy. Now expand that to NAS drives, and ripping CD’s and playing with metadata, it all become more complicated, and calls to help desks may not plug the gap between understanding the issue, and the customers knowledge/abilities.

Result is pure frustration

So who is to blame? The Customer, the Sales person, or a combination of both, or just the way life is moving to an IT dependant way.

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If your computer or iPad or whatever else you have is working rock solid then there should no reason why your ND5 XS 2 isn’t also - plug it in, set it up, download the App, play.

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If only that were the case, but there can be so many network reasons why that isn’t always the case. Many are repeated on this Forum, and often fixed by reconfiguring. Although using powerlines as an example are never going to be rock solid

Suggest to bring the unit back to the dealer and check if it properly works there. If it doesn’t, then it’s probably faulty and a replacement or refund is in order.

If it works but the OP has really given up on the unit, model, or brand, then I think there will be takers of the unit. From what I read, the model is in high demand and has even an 18 week waiting list….


My computer suffers from drop-outs , which is why I don’t get concerned when it happens to my Nova .

Also is one reason (of a number) why I don’t want just one audio source.

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Wired means it’s connected via ethernet cable sorry I want clear enough and my Internet connection is monitored which means I can check if there are any problems etc hope that clears that up my nd5 xs2 is now back in its box as there’s no point in me using it as it breaks down that much something naim needs to look at as from what I’ve read its a common problem with this model either naim need to fix the problems which I think is software or remove it from service as in mine and many others its not fit for purpose which is a pity because when it does work it sounds great but I spend more time unplugging it and resetting it and uninstalling and reinstalling the app just to be able to listen to music and it’s only 4 months old

Morning hope you are safe and well yes when it works its great but there lies the problem I’m constantly reseting it it took me 6 hours yesterday just to listen to a 50 minute album it was that bad and for me it’s the last straw I have lost all confidence in the player, I have naim amps and I won’t change them as there great well unless I win the lottery :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: don’t know whats gone wrong with this streamer but after doing a bit of research its a common problem with the machine something naim must know about, have asked my dealer for my money back and I will go elsewhere sorry to say as I love the sound when it works stay safe

I have asked for help I didn’t swear and so far nothing and the amount of people having the same.problem with the nd5 xs2 means there’s a problem with it or are we all wrong

Has your dealer checked it over to see whether it’s faulty? That’s the best next step. They should quickly be able to ascertain whether there is an issue with your machine. If they have the same issues then it probably means the unit is faulty. And if not then it may well be down to some configuration or network issue - these are really annoying but often it can just be one tiny little thing that causes a big problem. If the latter, hopefully your dealer, Naim, and the community here can help trace what it is.

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