ND555 + additional PS

So I figured I’d try out a second PS for th ND555. I wasn’t quite expecting such an improvement. I mean it should be better, of course, this is not an insignificant outlay, but what I am hearing is not good in that I am not sure I can go back to the single PS having now heard what the 2nd brings. Great that we can go even further with the ND555’s performance, but I was kind of hoping the difference would be slight and the extra outlay of marginal benefit.
For anybody wondering about this, a warning that a home demo could be dangerous!


When i had my ND555 i listened to a second ps, just to hear how far you could improve the sound. Although not night and day, its a nice improvement, sounding even more natural, especially piano based music. Do enjoy, its on my wish list.

Slightly off topic but that’s what I found with the 552… didn’t let it leave the house!


I have had a very similar experience in adding a second power supply to my CD555 a couple of years ago, both DR. Its a significant amount of money, but not massive as a percentage of the total cost of the whole system. How’s that for justifying the cost!
Have to agree, a worthwhile improvement and not one I would want to remove. Makes it easier to change to an ND555. I still like the physical ownership of CD and LP.


But blimey it’s really expensive

Hence the warning :slightly_smiling_face:

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As one of those broken in to the idea of splitting streamer and DAC functions, by virtue of running NDX through Naim DAC/555, I would be interested in what a pair of ND555s and two to four PS555s sound like, working together.

Strictly academic, of course. I have suggested this before with NDS, but nobody ever reported back with any test results, that I saw.


well they can be multi-roomed… so why not :slight_smile:

Always more.

The second 555DR will only really prove itself after maybe 6 months. Like most of what Naim does you have to ‘Keep the faith’ , as eventually it shines. By then, of course, it’s almost impossible to remember what it was like before. What a hobby we have…

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@Robbo, totally agree, and I’m running two 555 DR PSUs on my ND555 - sounds awesome and a definite step up SQ wise.

ATB. George.

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Two supplies are well worth it in my system context - it was clear and obviously better in terms of openness, scale, clarity, micro-detail, timing, bass weight and rhythm …really everything IMO.

Put another way - with one supply it sounds fantastic - do not listen to two supplies as it is even better.

One tip - make sure the cables to the ND555 all hang free, including Ethernet cable (if that is what you use) and do not touch Fraim or anything else - my recent fine set-up to ensure this really surprised me at a massive improvement it made.

Two supplies open the window wider and it is more important to get the installation optimal to get all it has to offer.


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This is exactly as I would summarize - even in context of passive system the difference to me is of the order that makes this a must have rather than a nice improvement. I have been in front of the system pretty much non stop this last 3 days, everything sounds more alive and open, and I can’t stop smiling :slight_smile: Now listening to Thelonius Beck by Gov’t Mule - the synergy of this band!

Tryers beware!

So maybe look out for a ‘pre-loved’ one. Or even a second hand one that nobody has loved (they’re even cheaper). :broken_heart:

I am also considering this upgrade, but I fear a used one can not be found.

A second 555PS-DR on my NDS was a huge improvement in both Hi Fi and musical terms. I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t expecting to hear such a compelling presentation. My ND555 had two PSs from day one. Source first.


After a week away I am back in front of the stereo, and exactly as I remembered. The additional PS is frankly (to these ears anyway) transformational. I can only deduce that the ND555 was designed with 2 PS’s, but happens to also be able to work with one? (My apologies to anyone this offends) For the first time in my naim 20+ years wondering how it can get much better…

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And finally the trusty Rega P9 / DV XX2 is being surpassed…

Speak to LotusHifi near Surrey. He has them traded in for his super duper hi-end stuff. I got a used one 6 months old and saved about 1800.

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Equally Nintronics in Welwyn took back my XPSDR for what I paid after a decent discount to start with, and let me walk out with a 555 for £3k. Not a huge saving, but still less than full whack. It’s always worth asking dealers what’s the best price they can do. Markup on this stuff is astonishing; there’s usually a bit of flexibility.

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