ND555 at Olive System

once again there is an opportunity. But a very expensive one…
Can’t get my head out of upgrade thoughts
Current Sytem is:
ND5XS2 /NDAC/XPS (olive) into 52/SC/135/SBL

Offer is for ND555

ND555(plus PS) into 52/SC/135/SBL

Will the 52 (or even SBL) be a bottleneck in this System - and the difference small, compared to the already perfect ND5XS2 / NDAC / XPS combination?

Should I stay or should I go?

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I can’t give any input on the NDAC side I’m afraid, but I can say I use an ND555 into 52/SCap/135s into B&W804S.I find it a superb combination, really musical and involving. I did do a home demo between ND555 and NDX2/555PSDR and there was a significant difference, so the olives were not a bottleneck.


Damn - this is what I thought. NDX2/XPS should be a bit similar to ND5XS2/NDAC/XPS (olive). Only assuming - but NDAC and ND555 have the same DAC chipset


Your amps and speakers will in no way be a bottleneck



But - remember me… :slight_smile:
What about the Phonosophie TT?
Will it be beaten by the ND555 - this would be a bit bad, as I have bought so much vinyl :slight_smile:
BY the way - I should post a picture of the original advertisement of P3 I bought on eBay :slight_smile:

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What about the bass punch - is it more full on NDAC-XPS?
I think I should give it try!
DR and non-DR will hopefully be no problem… as will be the upgraditis to 552 / 500 :slight_smile:

Better Upgrade sbls to dbls?!

LOL - i have a big room, but live under the roof … no DBL possible :slight_smile:

My heart is going more 606 direction :slight_smile: But do not know, if I loose the SBL touch - you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Any more go-on opinions for ND555?

I would personally look for a NAP500 non DR. A perfect match for the NAC52….

I think that would give you a much better upgrade.

Just my thoughts/experience.

All the best,


I let one pass as I hesitated to loose the olive sound. Tooo bad as it was half the price… :frowning:
Think this won’t be the problem - because I already have a ND5XS2 - new black series streamer.

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I recently added a subwoofer to complement my SBLs. I was worried about losing a sound that I love, but you and I have compared notes in the past about the often light bass of the SBLs and this really works well with the subs crossover and gain turned down to almost the minimum position. I have not lost, but gained details and soundstage and retain the detailed, clear and dynamic sound the SBLs give. I’d try that before changing speakers altogether.


Thanks a lot
Tried it in the past - have a Linn Sizmik here (for surround) and also a chord cable especially made for connecting the sub. Never gained a good result in the past.
Bass came a bit back when recapped and adding XPS to CDX… and XPS to NDAC

What kind of sub do you use?

It’s a BK Electronics Double Gem. It’s quite compact. I’m using its high level inputs. It matches the Cherry finish on my SBLs. Using it, it’s as if the bass sounds are coming from the SBLs.

I’m also not in an optimal environment, with suspended floors and plasterboard walls but it still sounds excellent to me and I’m quite pedantic about sound. Which is why I’m on this forum I suppose!

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I am in same place - ND555 has come up. I need to try my main system ND555 on the olive system to see if it brings much over the NDS…

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As an aside I have 606s on the end of the olive system, very fun and enjoyable sounding combination. Could live with it as a main system no problem.

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Is the ND555 already in place?

What is your system? 52/135 I assume

Drago, I used to own cds2/01/52/135s - all Olive
I then got rid of cds2/01 and replaced to single source ndx2/555psdr. This source was great with the Olive amps.
Over past year I upgraded in the following order:
52 to 552dr
135s to 500 dr
Ndx2/555psdr to nd555. This last was most impressive of the conversion to 500 series
So yes, the nd555 would be great with the Olive 52/135s
Source first is truth
Go for it



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