ND555 at Olive System

The ND555 is offered by an official naim dealer - a nice one by the way. :slight_smile:
From mid 2022 …

I should stop reading here - also some critical thoughts about NDS vs ND555 :frowning:
Nevertheless - should give it a try!

Your system is very similar to mine.

Personally I wouldn’t go down the CD road now.

Think it’s better just to make streaming better.

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What did you mean by CD road?
No invest in further streaming?

Oh my mistake – I thought your initial post said you were looking at a CD555.

ND555 :slight_smile:

Well that’s going to sound amazing but it will introduce the temptation to upgrade forward from there.

I always enjoy your descriptions of your hi-fi dilemmas.

Please do keep us posted.

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Thank you so much - I was very afraid of stepping on everyones nerves… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I did it … will keep you posted! :slight_smile:


Going to be prepared, I would like to order a new ethernet cable and a new switch.
For ethernet I will choose audio quest cinnamon or chord.
Switch I found here the Cisco 2960 to be fine.
Is this one ok → CISCO WS-C2960PD-8TT-L?

I am totally confused… Found the Cisco very cheap as used or refurbished and for around 1K new. Dunno what to do. Can you help?
There are also different models to get used from Cisco. White ones and older (?) dark blue ones?

DO NOT want to go down the cable mania road!!!

From experience with ND555 the Cinnamon sounds brittle compared to even a Chord C-Stream - the latter being very good in musical and value terms.

In my recent experience, the Chord Clearway presents the best ‘sound per pound’ value.



A used Cisco Catalyst 2960 WS-C2960-8TC-L V02 8 Port Switch works very well.


Done - will order a 5m C-stream or clearway.

Only the switch to be done!

I have EtherRegen from Uptone Audio

What kind of stand do u use for your Naim boxes. A good stand is important


What do you mean with stand… Its all in full fraim.

Think I go with a used Cisco - unsure yet as it can be purchased around 50 euro to 175 Euro.
Maybe better going cheap this time :slight_smile:

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Full Fraim - excellent choice. I have same

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Thanks - I even have a full spare set - think will need it now to build a testing ND555 vs ND5XS2/NDAc setup :slight_smile:


What about …

Also suits me :slight_smile:

EE8 or Cisco?


I use both. See my profile.


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EE8 is smaller and nicer looking - think I will go for it

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