ND555 screen problem

I bought my nd555 new in 3 months ago . there’s a white line of space on the bottom of my screen. Also the black colors on edges of the screen Is not very balance.
When the screen is showing a white cover then it’s less obvious, but the white line of the bottom is still there.
Do you guys have this problem with the ND555 or NDX2 ?


A while ago, several years, there was a spate of streamers with screens that weren’t aligned properly. Maybe that’s the case here, in which case you should speak to your dealer.

It’s also best not to use the variable output, which gives poorer sound than the standard fixed setting.

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As HH correctly identifies a number of screens were poorly fitted leading to what you describe. In my case Signals my dealer contacted Naim and refitted the screen while i watched….i signed off the result there and then. Saved a trip to Salisbury. Hope you have a similar outcome.


Thank you,
Who refitted the screen, the distributor or the factory in UK ?

No……Andy at Signals my dealer. He rang Naim and was given instructions over the phone and some pictures/video from Naim on how to get the screen sealed against the casing with no light leakage. It took a few minutes, two try’s.


Ok, I will ask my dealer to contact naim for details.
Thank you👍

Thank you
I just switched variable to Fixed .

What’s the difference between hybrid and fixed ?

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