Hybrid vs Variable volume

Hybrid vs Variable, what’s the difference? My nd5XtraSlim2 being on backorder, I am curious. I know we are better of just using fixed, variable is probably digital volume handling, but hybrid I don’t really get.

I like what you have done with the product name!

My ignorance perhaps but can I ask, what do you mean by the terms; Hybrid volume and Variable volume?

I mean, I think I know what Variable volume means, being able to change the loudness, but I am not sure that this can be attributed to any particular technique from this description?

I have no idea what Hybrid volume means.

Thank you, I got inspired by another discussion :slight_smile:

Anyway, hybrid. I can read what they say, but don’t understand it. “Streaming services”…from external apps? Within the Naim app? Local or Internet streaming?

I just tried a bit with my NDX2 and I have still no idea. Variable enables the volume slider as expected. Fixed disables it as expected. However, it’s also disabled with Hybrid, even “when using streaming services” and I cannot see a difference to fixed. I also searched the forum a bit and though the question about Hybrid came up a few times, I found no answer.

Oh yes, sorry, could have saved you the trouble, I read back in the forum on all the topics concerning streaming volume as well. Thanks for checking your settings though! Now for us to find out what it is :slight_smile:

No worries, I was curious, too. Hopefully someone will come along and educate us …

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I did have a play with this when I had an NDX2 on loan but I didn’t explore beyond ‘fixed’ and ‘Variable’ both of which did what I expected!

I expect @hungryhalibut will know.

The beta group is at its maximum for me to join, but if this feature does nothing, I would suggest it to be investigated, or taken out of the app if it does nothing to our benefit.

That screenshot looks pretty clear to me. In hybrid mode the digital volume works just with streaming services. Streaming services are Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz. In variable mode it works with anything going through the streamer, so local files, your nas, internet radio, the TV etc.

The screenshot of the help page looks clear, but as I wrote above, it is not true, at least not on Android. I usually use system automation and turned this off to try what Hybrid does. And when I enable it, I have no volume control in the app when streaming. Looks the same as with Fixed. (Both in beta and release app).

(Would not be the first time that an option in the Android app does nothing, or not what is expected)

Edit: And maybe less than clear after all, because I don’t understand what “digital volume control with streaming services” means. As opposed to what? A digital volume control in the NDX2 when listening to records? I don’t get it

I explained my interpretation above.

Sorry I overlooked that. But for anyone without the benefit of your explanation it is most likely not very clear just by just looking in the app (which explains nothing at all) or little info on the website.

On top of that it’s not even working according to your interpretaion, of course. At least on Android.

Even with the benefit of your explanation, I still don’t get what the Hybrid mode is good for. What is the benefit of only having digital volume for streaming but not for internet radio in the app?

Could you tell me how to get to those settings please? I’ve looked everywhere on the app. I know I’ve seen them before!

You have to turn off system automation, I am pretty sure you have it on :slight_smile: After this, there is a new item under Settings, “Volume mode” or something

Ah yes, thanks. I’m 60 in eight days and am losing my grip.


Just hang on tight and you’ll be fine. I was secretly hoping it could allow us to have spotify connect app (family members) users make use of the slider and the rest (me) use fixed for the naim app.

Pretty good idea actually :slight_smile:

Beta group…full… :wink:

There is the feature request thread until they let you join our elite :wink: and I believe they have an eye on it.

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