ND555 software update?


Please can you give an update RE airplay 2 etc for new streamers? Communication with your customers is crucial. Thank you.

@Richard.Dane you might be able to provide some assistance.

I’ve asked Naim for an update.

I’ve been informed that Airplay2 is included with the v3.3 software release and that is currently undergoing Beta testing. It will be made available once testing is successfully concluded.

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Richard…do you know if there is a list/table any where that shows which Naim products support Airplay2 directly either now or planned for in near future? I’ve had a quick look around and not obvious to me, would be quite useful?


Jack, I don’t know of any list, but AFAIK the Mu-Sos and Unitis currently have Airplay 2 and the streamers with the new streaming platform will have Airplay2 with the upcoming new V3.3 software release.

Ok thanks, Richard


One month on - any update?

Its still being tested in beta forum.