ND555 turning of services for optimisation

Just checking - my ND555 is supplied by ethernet from a Roon PC and I have an aditional optical input… Do I need to disable other services in settings I have put a cross against bluetooth… is there anything else I have missed …

I thought it was the other way round on the ND555, with everything enabled for best SQ. Perhaps this ‘feature’ has been fixed in subsequent FW updates ?

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Oh…wow that’s interesting … is Darkebear able to corroborate…

I have often read that it’s recommended, for best sound, to enable all imputs on the Nd555.
But on the Nds, it’s the contrary. Why? I have no idea.

I’ve not touched my settings since many months (years) ago, out of interest and because it was easy, I did rather extensively play with each on/off and actually listened to what they did and their interactions. Some are rather subtle and initially sound good one way and after a while you go ‘no’ and find it was better the other on or off -
Presently (I think) I have:

Server Mode : on
Air Play: off
Bluetooth: off
Digital 1: on
Digital 2: off
Digital 3: on
Digital 4: off
Qobuz: on
Spotify: on
Tidal - input enabled : on
Remote - Mobile Detect: off

I did once have Tidal off - but I use Tidal a bit now so it is on! :bear:

…these were all very small micro-improvements that removed slight phasy blurrings and ‘bumps’.
Some settings ‘off’ were worse in that subjective ‘suck-outs’ in presentation happened.

A lot of people will not notice these effects I think, but on some revealing systems it matters somewhat and I easy hear them here and why not have the best you can if its free?



I am waiting @Suedkiez reaction after Dark Bear post on which I imput enabled, which not.
:popcorn::clinking_glasses:. Let’s have fun :grin:

Nothing to add really that I haven’t said in the other thread. If Jason Gould really thinks it’s best with everything enabled, then I don’t understand why there isn’t a sentence to this effect in the app.

It’s certainly not impossible with analog machinery that an effect exists but without knowing the exact verbatim words of Jason I can’t judge what he really said about the design.

I note that darkebear does not necessarily agree with all inputs have to be enabled.

I am sure that some people hear a difference when they switch inputs on and off. This may be real, but I also know that there are always some people who hear a difference for any question that is asked, including those where no difference exists with absolute certainty. This is how the brain works and no denying changes this.


I’ve tried with and without server mode and prefer the latter, the rest I’m not that fussed about but tend to leave the unused ones off to simplify the app’s home screen.

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I suspect the recommendation is there for consistency. Can you imagine the permutations of testing with various options on or off. So it makes perfect sense for me that all testing (inc patch updates) is done with all options enabled. If only the beta testers could confirm this, but I suspect NDA means they cannot say.

Are we talking about disabling from the Naim app?
If all are enabled then there are a much greater number of icons on the app.
Also, I use ndx2…different strategy?


I had no preconception on if it matters or not so just tried it - and found it made some small but worthwhile changes, so I decided which ones made tracks more interesting for me.

I did try Server Mode off for a few days and thought it was better at first as it seemed more fluid - but later found some music was not sounding right. Put it ‘on’ and more resolution in low-bass in my system.

These are very small effects.

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My “leaving Naim” present to myself was an ndx2. I asked Jason for any tricks in the setup, and he said “everything on.”

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