ND555 won't play Qobuz or Tidal

Tracks from Qobuz and Tidal won’t play this morning…all was well last night. Can’t connect to radio either. I power cycled the streamer, same results. Any suggesstions?

Via Naim app?

Try logging out then in again to both services in the Naim app

Will do, but like I said, radio doesn’t work either.

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Have you tried restarting your internet hub/router?

No, I’ll give that a shot, thanks for the suggestion! Odd that I can connect to the streamer via the naim app, all the albums show up, but they simply won’t play…we’ll see if the restart is the fix.

Tried all the suggestions so far, no dice.

@Richard.Dane This should probably be in the streaming section…should we move the thread?

Thread moved for you.

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Does Tidal play independently? Ie on the website or phone?

Thank you Richard!

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Yes, both services play fine on the apps. Tidal Connect is not working from the Tidal app.

Not sure what order you did things but I’d turn off ND, reboot hub, restart ND if you haven’t already

Maybe a factory reset on the ND?

Hmm…Roon works…but playing through the Naim app does not.

Have you tried killing the App by swiping it upwards off the screen, then restarting it?

Have you signed out of the app as opposed to signing out of Tidal?

I find the app flaky. My Mu-so will be playing and the app will be saying it can’t find it in the network

Yes, a few times, thanks for the suggestion.

I have

Things that work via Naim app: Radio, Roon, Spotify, digital inputs, switching inputs with the app.

Sorry. Running out of ideas. Maybe change your Tidal password to force the app to login?

I just checked mine so there is no widespread Naim/Tidal issue

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Thanks for you suggestions! This is happening with both Tidal and Qobuz, so it seems related to the naim app or the streamer, not the services…they both work via their own apps playing music on my phone.

Qobuz works via Air play to the streamer. Tidal works via Chromecast to the streamer, but not via Tidal Connect.