ND5XS - App Instability since Digital Output Enabled? [ Resolved ]

I didn’t notice the other thread on Naim App / Tidal Problems but the fix posted seems to have addressed my issue!

Keeping this here for reference in case anyone else runs into a similar issue.

** Resolved based on the advice in the post linked above **

Hi Everyone,

A bit of a weird one and I’m looking for suggestions.


  • I am running most recent Firmware, which I updated in December 2021,
  • Have factory reset the ND5XS subsequent to the update,
  • Running the most recent version of the NAIM App on iOS 15.3.1 on an iPhone 13 Pro,
  • ND5XS is running wired on the network and there have been no network changes,
  • I have a high end wireless router (Ubiquiti Dream Machine UDM) which manages my wireless that is quite reliable as my work laptop (work from home) never has any issues and has been the same router throughout my ND5XS ownership,
  • I have new CAT6E to the ND5XS and from my router to the ISP’s router, all my devices except my PVR are off my UDM,
  • Only change to factory settings is enabling the digital output,
  • ND5XS instability seemed to increase when I tried to disable analogue outputs and digital inputs,
  • Only change in system is an extra FRAIM shelf, and the addition of a NDAC connected via BNC,
  • Due to space, NDAC is physically on top of the ND5XS.

I’ve owned the ND5XS for a little under a year and generally it’s been a very smooth experience.

In December I updated the firmware to the most recent version with no issues during the process or afterwards.

In February I was fortunate to find a NDAC locally at a good price and picked it up.

I had been using my ND5XS as a DAC for my other digital sources, so after I installed the NDAC I enabled the digital output, disabled the analogue output, disabled the digital inputs.

It was at this point that I started to encounter strange issues with the NAIM App.
It would ‘lose’ the ND5XS, being unable to identify its room or indicate that another copy of the app was connected to the device and I should stop using it.
I first did a factory reset at this point, and ended up just enabling the digital output (native).
It “seemed” like the instability and issues increased as I disabled the digital inputs/analogue output.

I wanted to run the new cable / DAC in over night, so this would creep up fairly regularly.

Sometimes it just ‘loses’ the room and stops playing, whether it is a long playlist or a regular album and can no longer find the ND5XS.

I found out I had the NAIM app on my ipad as well, but the issue is still creeping up after I uninstall it off the iPad so it is solely running off my iphone.

Sometimes the issue will occur when I plug in my iPhone, but this not always repeatable, when it happens it will stop playing and say there’s another app connected at the moment I plug it in.

Sincerely welcome any suggestions.

Thanks for your time,


This post in another thread seems to have fixed the issue for me!

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