Nd5XS as a transport, worth an external PSU ?

Hello everybody,
actually I use a “legacy” ND5 XS streamer as a transport-only, feeding its digital output to an external DAC.
I wonder if adding an external PSU, to the ND5, would improve sound quality. If so, would the improvement be marginal or substantial?
I almost stream files locally, from NAS, but also enjoy Tidal (less frequently).
Thank you for your advice and opinion :slight_smile:

Hi see here

Thank you for the notice!
A lot of useful information over that thread. Not expressely addressing the use of the ND5XS as a transport only, but much detailed anyway, with several reports from direct/personal experiences.

What DAC are you using and how are you feeding from the ND5?

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Feeding from the ND5 through the BNC digital out, to Exposure MCX CD player (BNC digital in socket).

I wouldn’t bother purchasing an external PSU for the ND5XS (transport only) what I would do though is use the money towards an ND5XS2.


Given your CD/DAC I would be surprised if you could distinguish a substantial improvement from the additional PS. You could always demo (maybe) or as HiFiman suggest put the money towards something else.

Thank you both for your advice @Jack and @HiFiman.
Much probably, a new generation Naim streamer or a better DAC (say one of the offering from Chord, like Hugo, Hugo 2 or TT), represent a better way to improve sound quality, rather than adding an external PSU.


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