nDAC Servicing

The nDAC is starting to get quite old; mine’s about ten years old now.

I’ve read in the ‘HDX still good’ about the HDX being serviced and some caps being replaced.

Is there a service interval for the nDAC?

If it ain’t broke…

Service is mostly on the analogue section. If you use dac without external psu this might help, if you use psu do the service at psu (first).

Given that preamps and SNAXO units benefit from servicing and these don’t have power supplies, I assumed the analogue circuits of the nDAC would also benefit from a service due to aging capacitors etc.

But it is an assumption based on no specific knowledge.

The Ndac was introduced in 2009. If a product as such needs a service after 11 years for its output capacitors I would begin to worry why.
My 2013 one is only just starting to sound run in.

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Everything has its benefit from service, as each component could alter. But the first benefit should be the psu and analogue in my opinion. Also my thoughts only.

Naim recommends 15 years for the nDAC.

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Thank you.

I’d assumed there would be some sort of service schedule but my search skills weren’t good enough to find it.


What parts of the NDAC get replaced during a service?


I got the info from Class A, as I was considering buying one.

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Hi, it would be all the reservoir capacitors in the power supply stage.


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