nDAC & XPS 2

I am considering adding an XPS 2 to my nDAC and am unsure if in adding one it would negate the need for the nDAC to have its own direct 240v power feed or does the Burndy cable connection between the two make the plug and cable and 240v feed to the nDAC redundant ?
A bit of a basic question I know but I always get confused with Naim power supplies
Thanks in advance

The nDACs internal supply is still used when an external PS is added so you’ll need a mains connection for both the nDAC and PS.


To add on to this, the XPS will power the analog section(s) of the nDAC while the digital side is powered conventionally. Adding a XPS to the nDAC is totally worth it IMHO


So you need 2 power cables in the case of Ndac/ XPS ?



Yes is correct, but I do wonder if a Powerline for the “digital” section is worth it. (Yes I know the answer) lol

Thanks everyone that’s pretty clear then, I did think as much but I thought I’d check with the learned members of the forum first.

That’s entirely in accordance with my experience too.


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Totally agree

I initially had the CD5XS by itself. Pretty good as a stand alone.

Then used as transport into the nDAC, excellent jump in SQ

Icing on the cake was adding the XPS-2 to nDAC

3 boxes yes but worth it , great enjoyment


I run my nDAC with an olive XPS that I “borrowed” from my CDX.

I now need another XPS………hmmm, how to swing that past the Finance Director!

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My two cents-
Look for a p.l 555ps (none dr) it’s worth every penny!
I’ve tried the xps olive/2/dr and they didn’t done it to me.
this p.s and the Ndac made to each other


nDAC on its own is very good. Adding a power supply takes it to a different level.

Like others, I was underwhelmed with the XPS2. The 555PS is simply absurdly priced IMO.

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Never heard of and never would have crossed my mind such thinking , the nDAC/XPS2 makes wonders in an appropriate set-up
You sure it was a genuine, unmolested unit etc?

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I can’t speak to the XPS2(non-dr) but the XPS-DR with a properly “massaged” Burndy is far from underwhelming. (My system/room, brain/ears etc)


As someone who has been with Naim since 1983, you may safely assume it was set up correctly.

To me, the XPS2 was underwhelming, and relative to the 555PS. YMMV.

I do hope the OP (@Hanumike ) has his/her question answered. Hope this isn’t too confusing.

Have you changed your mind or still relying on others’ ears?

As my initial query was relating to any requirement for my nDAC to retain a 240v supply @marcusman should I add an XPS 2 then yes my query has been answered as to the ensuing discussion about the merits of adding one and the relative of sound quality improvements compared to adding a 555PS then yes I am confused.
I am not sure what a 555 goes for second hand but I suspect considerably more than a XPS 2 which seem to go for about £1500 on the bay so a 555 would be a bit out of my league cost wise anyway and would probably be overkill in my humble CD5 XS, nDAC, XS2 and Neat Motive SX 2 system.

For what they are worth (and please feel free to comment) my thoughts long term for my system would be to optimise my CD front end (I have no desire to go down the streaming rabbit hole) with the addition of a power supply to the nDAC then switch the XS2 for a new or second hand SN3 and then replace the Motives with something like the Neat Ekstra’s or PMC Twenty5 23i and that apart from some potential upgrades to my LP12 would be me done with what I hope would be my final and ultimate system unless I had a win on the lottery.


That sounds like a very good approach. The nDAC is still a very capable piece of kit (especially with a PS upgrade) and will work very nicely with the SN3. Also the nDAC, with its multiple digital inputs, still opens up the option of adding a streaming device in the future, just incase you ever want to go this way…

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And the CD5XS sounds pretty great all by itself, if it comes to that.


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