NDS Burndy question

I have an NDS connected to a CD555PS power supply via the two NDS Burndy cables (‘one stripe’ and ‘two stripe’) and everything works fine.

I want to use the NDS with an XPS (OC - not Olive) but don’t have the SXPS Burndy that the XPS would have originally been supplied with. Can I use the one stripe Burndy from the NDS instead, i.e. are the NDS one stripe and SXPS Burndys interchangeable?

No, you will need an S/XPS Burndy & the NDS link plug.



I tried this once. The Naim logo lights up on the NDS but no sound. Just in case anyone is interested :grin:

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Thinking about it, I’m surprised that the NDS Burndy fitted the XPS2 seeing as it is only intended for the CD555PS. Does beg the question whether the other one fits too and whether 2xXPS2 could be used on an NDS? Probably a good reason why not and I’m not suggesting anyone try but just a thought.

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I, too, went down this path!

My NDS came with the 2x cables for use with a 555 power supply.

I was surprised to learn that the “No.1” cable, used with a blanking plug in socket “No.2” was not equivalent to the SXPS cable, so could not be used with an XPS2.

Unfortunately, the manual caused me a little confusion as it shows the wiring diagram for the 555 and 2 cables, with the cable bands denoting “1” and “2”, along with the XPS2 diagram directly beneath it showing the same cable graphic in use as the single band cable “1” above.
Visually, this misled me to believe it to be the same cable!

A quick call to Naim clarified that I did, indeed, require a seperate SXPS cable.

Luckily, my XPS2 came with an SXPS cable, so I was “good to go”!

But who knows!? Perhaps one day I’ll be fortunate enough to make use of my 555 cables!

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You won’t regret it :wink:

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