NDS with two 555 advice

Good morning and Merry Christmas, I took delivery yesterday of a 555DR. I have a none dr 555 on my nds and im wondering which one should go where? any experience from people who have done this.

When i wired this i put the new dr on the analogue side and none dr on the digital.

Its props going to take a week to settle down either way but wanted to get a head start on the knowledge

From those who have tried it seems like the recommendation is non DR on analogue and DR on digital.

That is interesting, its easy enough to swap the burndies round.

Its sounding a little bit off this morning

Try it both ways and see if you can hear anything different.
Then after a week or two, go back to one power supply and see once again if you hear any difference.

Did you try this at one point? swapped the burndies round and its different for sure, with dr on analogue the presentation is very different (the most difference) but sounds a bit off. not sure if it just needs to settle in and its smoother

with none dr on analogue, the presentation goes back to how it was before i added the second psu but improved. (less of a difference)

I tried quite a few things when i had my NDS years ago, most i can’t talk about on this forum.

sounds exciting!haha

I preferred the non DR on the Analogue side.

Thanks you mate, what did you find the differences were? of course this will always be system dependant

The non DR sounds more musical coherent.

they do sound different for sure, i only powered up the second one yesterday so i suspect it will want a week to settle down

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I would put the non DR on the Analogue side so the NDS not sound off ,then after a week change.

Is two 555 on NDS more a matter of different than better? Whatever better means in this hobby :man_shrugging:

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at the moment dr is on the analogue side

well i think your right, if they were both dr then it would be a nice and easy experiment!lol

The big thing with double is to separate digital polution , so it don’t disturb the analogue side.

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I ran two 555 power supplies on my NDS and now my ND555. One is DR. With both streamers I preferred the DR power supply on the “digital” side (input 1). It’s an easy experiment to switch around, let us know what you prefer?

A second power supply on both the NDS and ND555 makes a significant difference. There’s not only more detail, but there’s a delicate and more natural timbre to the sound. It makes the streamer truly world-class and still the best I’ve heard for digital.


I have found the same . And that’s also the beauty with the nDac,when connecting a 555 PS to it,it powers the analogue side, the digital side is powered by the nDac´s own transformer.
A non DR 555 PS is better on the nDac than a DR 555 PS.


It is surprisingly fast and easy to power down and swap those burndies round your right, i am going to play with this over the coming week and report back.

do appreciate your input on this

at the moment i have the dr on analogue


Yes do that,I will be surprised if you prefer the DR on the analogue side.