NDX 2 - Display Limitation

Just adding an additional off status to the existing display button on the remote and have each stage latch would do the trick, I’m presuming there’s some technical reason why it wasn’t done as it seems so basic and obvious.

I would like to have the option of the clock being permanently displayed when in standby mode.


I’d like the option to be able to toggle the display on and off using the remote, rather than having to go through several menus on the ap. And the clock like Stephen suggested too…


The clock might well be a reliability concern.
As for other capabilities, there may be a limitation because as far as I know the streamers are not/rarely refreshing the display, in order to minimize electrical noise, so anything requiring animation (like song titles scrolling or anything like that) is probably out of the question

Apologies if this is slightly off topic, but today the screen of my NDX2 is occasionally showing a symbol of a musical note rather than the cover art when streaming from Qobuz. This does not happen when the same album is played from Tidal. I cleared the cache of album art via the app, but this makes no difference. Anyone else experiencing this and if so, is there a solution?

@daan perhaps you can add your concerns to the topic below

That wouldn’t be the right thread @GadgetMan as it’s about Core (a local server) having issues with artwork, which is totally different to artwork issues on streamed services to NDX2 which @Daan is mentioning.

Thanks @GadgetMan and @davidhendon for taking the time to respond. As so often happens with these things, the problem went away by itself, at least for now.

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Thank you, @mayday, it may very well have been a Qobuz thing.

Hi, I also reply as a new user … I also happily own NDX2 with united core; in this regard I would also have something to say about the lack of NAIM APP I think this app is really little stuff in the presence of the state of the art of naim streamer.

united core?:thinking:

I see this too.
I can queue two songs from the same album, seemingly at random one will display artwork and the other the musical note. If I queue the song again, it sometimes displays artwork!
Just to add, the artwork not displayed in the app either.

I also agree Naim app is poor, but most brands offer terrible apps, I understand in cheap products the app cam be bad, but on expensive brands the app should be as good as their hardware.

If you buy. an expensive phone with crappy software, next expensive phone will not be from the same brand.

Maybe most of the brands are expecting we use softwares like roon, Audirvana and similar offers, and because of this only offer a basic working app.

How do you define ‘poor’? It does everything I need, so I wonder what exactly you feel it does not do, and how exactly you’d improve it, if given free reign.

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Unified search, more customization, display options like brightness of the streamer screen, a better interface for navigating albums, lyrics support, better play screen, there is a lot to improve. Support for smb to connect to servers.

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Maybe you’d also like it to clean the house and make the breakfast. It can only do so much. Everything can be improved but that doesn’t make the existing iteration poor.

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I agree that most brands use poor apps, like Mconnect…. And most streamers have no integration of Qobuz and Tidal. So Naim is on the high step.
But not so high as DCS Mosaic or Innuos Sense.

Of course you could invest a lot more into the app and add a whole host of bells and whistles (with potential bugs in those additions), but I personally see Naim as a purist product, and to me adding bells is like adding an equaliser to the pre-amp with a remote control allowing you to spend all the time adjusting the music. For me, it does what I need it to do, and very well, and I prefer to just enjoy the music without distraction. - just my opinion.


I do not want to offend the users on the forum that love the app. It works and is ok, if it could be better, sure. But it is what it is…

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Certainly not offended. It’s just after a lifetime of supporting Microsoft and all its complexity and features (i.e. bugs), I so love the simplicity of Apple Macs - or at least how Apple Macs used to be. Happy to sacrifice complexity for reliability.

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