NDX 2 - Display Limitation

Hi Guys, I’m new this forum and in fact this is my first posting.
I’m so glad that recently I could own this wonderful product (NDX 2) and I’m certainly loving it! However there is one thing which makes me bit disappoint and to a certain extend it is annoying me as well!!
It’s nothing but, the way how that great display shows the information while playing the content - Default to only a large size image of album art and no track/source info :slightly_frowning_face:
I noticed this topic was previously brought up and it got closed due to non activity. Thought let me open up again and seek all of your support… Hopefully Naim product support team will look into it and have their engineering resources justified in making this minor change.
In my opinion, it should be flexible enough to change the view and possible to set by the user, once the song start playing. Until we select the song and start playing, everything can function/perform same as what we have now (guess the Now Playing layout). Then it should get switched to a default view defined by user (could be based on last selection). For example let me just call it as Info & Art are the options.

  • Info - The album art should take half the width (or maybe slightly lesser) of overall display width and position either left or right. The remaining space to have the album/song name, track status, source info etc. Would be also good to include the source file type as well as the sampling details incase of digital/streaming source.

  • Art - Full height image of album art (same as current)

Would be great to hear back from you all… Please share your comments/views/thoughts.

Believe this can be easily achieved by a firmware update and I’m really hoping Naim will stay with us on this request.

Fingers crossed :bowing_man:


Hi @Sonyj, Firstly welcome to the forum and congratulations on the NDX2. Regarding the request for a change to screen layout I suspect, and I may very well be wrong here, that Naim are depending on folks using a tablet/mobile phone to control the device. When using that interface it is relatively easy to display the info as you suggest. Does mean using another device. Let’s see what others think.

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I agree that a nice textual display is missing, whether it is just the font or the overall design but the Linn streamers are iconic in this respect.
The point of this is not so much to inform the one who holds the remote device, but rather inform the one who does not.
Album art is a bit last century…


I currently own an ND5 XS2, with an NDX2 on order. So I am well use to not having a screen, and haven’t felt anything missing. When I demoed it, my first thought was that was it really necessary, and might it add needless cost and complexity. After a while I quite liked it as a novelty, but as a lot of people with an NDX2, it is not a bedroom device, so it is likely to be 3meters plus away from you and at that distance you probably would struggle to see the small detail you are suggesting. Also I suspect that a lot of purists turn the display off.

Saying all that, your suggestion is a good idea for those that would want it, and as it’s only a programming change, would be an option Naim should consider for adding when nothing major is in the running.


Hi @Orac, Thank you for the wishes as well as sharing your views/comments.
From an operation perspective I do agree that these days most people use such mobile devices and it can’t be more continent. However when it comes to the device presentation, functionality, overall ease of use etc., I think Naim should have considered little beyond their current approach.
Certainly the most important thing is the audio quality on which I have full faith that Naim is definitely a winner. At the same time I wish they do consider the other aspects mentioned above… Perhaps I believe they do have such intention. Else why would they finally add such a nice display to the new lineups! I just feel that it is bit incomplete/could have done better. So thought of raising my concerns. After all it’s a £5,000/- equipment :wink:


@GadgetMan Yep… I won’t disagree completely. As I mentioned earlier, I do give value to presentation aspects while the audio purity is still on the top :slight_smile:
Here we already got a display and it’s just about what/how the it’s been displayed.

Welcome to the forum Sonyj!

…I have owned the NDX 2 and find that displaying the album is all I need when the music is playing. All the information regarding the track or the artist is at my fingertips on the iPad, iPhone, or PC if I want to search for more information on the artist/song.

Then of course at my age reading the small screen at any distance would not be easy so just displaying the album cover works for me.


You’re right, it’s pretty poor and your not the first to bring it up, if your going to include a screen at least utilise it to its max. Hopefully it’ll get addressed in future firmware updates


@seakayaker Sure… I don’t say what we have now is wrong. Instead I just feel that it could be slightly better and give that flexibility for people to choose based on their need and taste.


@woltmg Thank you… Appreciate your comment and support.

Thank you @Hollow. Glad to hear from you…

I’m using a Roon Nucleus +, so I use that for all track info. I actually only want to look at the album cover if I’m listening in the evening. Once selected I pretty much don’t want to be be presented with too much information given I’m on a computer all day!
It would be nice to be able to dim the display though. The bios & other information via roon is incredible. I subscribe to both Tidal & Qobuz, & roon just makes it easy, especially when it picks tracks for you that in many cases I have never come across.
Options are always great, but it’s always impossible to please everyone. If enough people ask, perhaps this might be forthcoming.
All the best!

Hey Nutty, Thanks for sharing… Do understand that most people responded so far doesn’t see this as a must to have. But considering the fact that even if we get this feature added, the system can still function the way currently is and maintain the expectation of both mindsets :wink:
I continue to believe that it won’t be a complicated change in firmware. Hoping that in near future Naim will support it :slight_smile:
Till then I may request support from everyone out here. And yes, certainly need lot of luck as well :wink:

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You can display track information briefly by for instance pressing the 3 bar button on the remote. Unfortunately it does not wrap text so it is of limited use. It would be good to have a number of user choice display options with text wrap as well.


Rather than getting the NDX2, wouldn’t it be better to add an external Chord DAC and use your ND5XS2 as the transport?

Na, too many boxes, and I’m stuck on brand loyalty. I also like the Naim sound, and possibly being stubborn about moving from that. Also don’t like the Chord design of the sweetie like buttons, or having multiple boxes all looking too different.

Saying that I realise a lot of people have gone that way, and are happy with that as a good upgrade

I agree with Sonyj.
The NDX2 screen is not dat big but it would be really nice to see track number and progress.

I’d like to see this too.
The functionality is already there, it just flips back to album art instead of toggling during online streaming.
It would be great to see the 5" display used to its maximum capability - give the detailed tech info for those that enjoy it and keep the art as default.

I’d also like to see more information about the track in the app during playback. Some info is there in certain views, but not yet comprehensive.

I just turn all the display options off on my NDX2, all the information about what I’m actually playing is in my hand anyway, I would add that also owning a Linn Selekt DSM, the display on that, which basically does the same job is much better and actually has a purpose. If I could turn the display off entirely on the NDX2 I’d likely chose to do so.
The display on the Cambridge Evo looks more useful as well, the challenge was that Naim had to make a display fit to the mechanical ID of the classic series facia and as a result compromised the potential value of a display.
It would be nice if it was more configurable or they provided some sort of display editor within the app.

For me the most needed option is to adjust display brightness on the Naim App, the default is 50% and is a bit bright, also display before the cover displays a few seconds the name of the track and then the cover. The option to have one or other as fixed presentation could be added in an easy way as it already on the software.

So it’s more a will of Naim giving or not the options on the app. I do not see why they could not do it if they want.