NDX 2 or NSC 222?


I have a home demo booked in a couple of weeks to hear an NDX 2 in my system. My thoughts are that if I decide to go for it then it will likely be a year or two before I can upgrade my XS 2 to a Supernait 3, and even longer before I can add an XPS DR. However, reading the New Classic thread I’m wondering if I should also home demo an NSC 222. What do you think?

Obviously my upgrade path would then ideally be a NC NAP250, but as with the Supernait 3 that would have to wait a while. So would that make sense in the interim? Please bear in mind my dedicated music room is small (only 3.5m x 4.7m).

Rather than new, one option might be to take a lightly used NDX 2 now with the idea of upgrading to a New Classic system later, and losing less in P/X. I am tempted by a clean one on eBay posted by a dealer. Is that a better way forward? Of course, I’m hoping that after Munich we will know more about Naim’s plans for the New Classic series, which may throw up other options.

I’d particularly welcome opinions from those who have heard the New Classics.

I have to admit to some similar thoughts.

I run a XS3, and separate streamer & DAC. Consolidation of that is something I’d like to do, and have listened to a ND5 XS2 vs my NP5 & Hugo as part of that process.

I bet as the rest of the New Classic range is released, NDX2s will become more affordable.

I’m not sure if I would ultimately ever afford the full NC setup of 222 & 250.3, in which case I suspect the NDX2 & SN3 should be a fantastic place to “settle for” X) As prices look you might even manage to obtain both for NSC222 money this year.

Either that or maybe a NSC222 and lesser 250 could also work rather well. The discussions regarding the relative improvements the NSC and NC NAP bring are confusing though.

Sounds like a good plan to try out both options. If you try the NSC 222 then you’ll need to borrow a signal lead as below to connect to the XS2 power Amp in DIN4 socket (remove the link plug) and set the XS2 into Power amp mode.

  1. Lead Assembly, New Classic Pre-amp, XLR to Legacy NAP200 DIN - XLR (x2) to 4 Pin DIN 00-010-0246

Maybe reconsider - look to upgrade you amp first…? YMMV, etc… :crazy_face:

It would be really interesting to demo NDX2 into XS2, vs NSC222 into XS2.

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The NSC222 really confused me when considering the same though. It provides the opportunity to add streaming to something like a XS2, and adding a better preamp. If your speakers are a gentle load, the power amp in the XS could well do for a while until a power amp upgrade can be funded?

Thanks. Not to confuse things, but I will also have a Qutest home demo to confirm that the Naim route is my preference.


Noted, thanks. I’ll be sure to check that.

Can I suggest second-hand kit? For the cost of a 222, you could get NDX2 plus SN3 or 82/HC/250 (all serviced and as new). Box count up, but SQ and VFM up too.


Yes, that was my thinking. The XS 2 drives my B&Ws fine, so the NSC 222 upgrades both my streamer/DAC and preamp all in one go.

So far it seems the consensus is that it’s sensible to add the NSC 222 to the demo if I can. At this point though my worry is the NDX 2 will be better but its benefits may be masked by the preamp in the XS2.

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I suspect that will sound superb. My Hugo mk1 is really really good. It wasn’t a long demo but the ND5 XS2 struggled a bit against it until a Superlumina DIN was used. I’d have liked more time to compare though. Take your time :slight_smile:

I guess it’s more about where I want to end up. Before the New Classics were announced my options were clearer, but now I’m struggling to decide which way to go.


My thinking is source first, and my ND5 XS has the older streaming platform, so no Qobuz without additional kit.

The NDX2 is likely a far better source, so unless you would plan an end game system around the NSC222 with a power amp and possible NPX300, I think the NDX2 is a much better option and swap in a SN2/3 or separates later on.


Is the NDX2 not the same Streaming platform as the ND5XS…? Just ‘better’…?

Whereas the NCS222 is ‘new’…?

Nd5 xs sans (2) is the old platform. The Nd5 xs2 is the new platform.

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You’re probably thinking of the ND5XS2 which uses the same streaming board. The 1st gen ND5XS is ancient.
In terms of functionality and futureproofing I think it’s safe to say that the 2nd gen streamers have plenty of life left in them and are fundamentally the same as in the 222.

The old (or ancient) streaming platform could be given a new lease of life by adding the new WiiM Pro. Quobuz, Roon plus all the usual suspects by simply connecting a tiny box. Quite compelling if you are on a budget.


I think that is my dilemma. Do I aim for a New Classic system (NSC 222 first, then NAP 250 later) or stick with the current Classic, which would probably more likely be used rather than new. And also, during the upgrading process, which approach would sound better.

Thanks. I have considered that, but the opinions and options are many, which makes selecting and home demos more complicated. I guess for me this isn’t a hobby. I just want the music to sound great without constant fiddling :grinning:.