How are you getting on with the NDX 2 and uniti core is this good option instead of cd.

Personally I would never buy a Core, but I’m very happy with my Unitiserve/NDX2. I certainly have no interest in owning a CD player.
With my CD collection ripped, I continued buying CDs for some time as it’s a very cheap way to grow your collection, but these days I buy very few and could probably manage without a CD ripper.

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I have the NDX2 and the Uniti CORE and the 252 PreAmp. And frankly the sound and ease of use is lovely. I am very pleased with the configuration. I just recently added Roon and the Nautilus +. This really enhances the overall experience, in terms of search, playlists, multiple sources. I did not notice much of a sound quality difference. I have about 6,000 CD albums on the CORE; 3,000 on my iTunes iMac hard drive and another 2,000 on Tidal. All integrated for playback and search thru Roon. Overall I am quite happy with system and musical listening pleasure has never been better.

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I replaced CDS2/XPS with NDX2XPS and never had a Core.
I have loved the NDX2 and had no desire to listen to my CDs again.
Using Qobuz for streaming is great. The SQ of NDX2 vs CDS 2 with both using xps was close.
Now I have upgraded PS to NDX2/555PSDR and it sounds better than CDS2 .
My advise get NDX2 and at least XPS2DR and will not miss your CDs and CD player

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OK I do have a lot of cds so a core would benifit me for ripping my collection.

There are cheaper alternatives that are just as good. Core is an expensive solution.

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Look into getting a NAS, search on forum or internet if unfamiliar. A lot less expensive then a core. I have my 2000+ CD’s ripped to my NAS which is a Synology 8TB DS716+II 2-Bay bought in 2017 which at the time cost me around $700 USD with 2 4TB drives for storage. Probably cheaper to buy today.

Good luck with your search and decision.

I use a NDX2 along with a Synology DS1621+ which stores all my music. Never had an issue connecting. I have two separate volumes, one has all my music, the second an SSD which runs Roon.

I went to look at a Core about 1 year ago. Soon became obvious it wasn’t for me. Single drive, no RAID, no cloud backup.

Built a Synology DS220 NAS with 2xSSD raid and Asset uPnP for a quarter of the price of a Core and it has cloud backup built in. Also use it to back up other files and run some Ubuntu VMs

CDs ripped on a laptop with great metadata management, then shipped to NAS and automatically backed up to cloud. Easy peasy.

I absolutely love all my naim kit (SuperUniti , 272/250DR) but the Core is a naim offering I just don’t “get”. Can do so much more for much less outlay.

NDX2 here, naked without any external PS.
Likewise, never owned a Core or desired to, dealers appear to actively discourage you to get one, and I did look in to it a few times in the past. Innuos or Melco tend to be popular choices based on features and performance.
I use a Mac Mini with Roon. I ripped all my CD’s to it using a USB optical drive and XLD (free application for Mac OS) that handles local playback and additionally Qobuz, Tidal and Internet radio, it also works flawlessly with a mix of equipment from Naim, Linn, Chord and Sonos in my home, I can even multiroom playback across most of them if required. Can’t do that with a Uniti Core.
Naim need a refresh on the Core realistically, it hasn’t aged well, there’s a lot more to be had in terms of features for less money elsewhere as others have already pointed out.
NDX2 is fab, I had an ND5 XS2 and a CD5 XS as well prior to that, don’t miss either and no desire to have a CD player in the mix again.


NDX2 is amazing!
Connects everytime and with Qobuz !! (Wish the MUSO had Qobuz :disappointed:
I plug a WD 4TB hard drive into the usb with ripped CDs on it and it perfect!!
I run it with a TP PS and it’s fab!

Brilliant bit of tech

Also I can see it on the laptop network so I can drag and drop files to the HD…
can’t praise it enough!

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Does the core connect wireless.?

Hi is the qubuz the best streaming service.

Depends, but most likely yes

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I think so…
Tried tidal didn’t rate it
Qobuz sounded best to me…

I thought YouTube music sounded better than tidal funnily enough !

My router is 2 rooms away so can I use the wall socket with the plug with the Erthnet connection on them.

Not sure what you mean mate…
def hardwire with cat 6 min cable

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Servers don’t normally have wireless connectivity. As long as they have a wired connection to your network they can be located anywhere, and there is no need to put them physically close to the streamer.
If your WiFi is robust the streamer may well be fine without a wired connection, although Ethernet cables are usually the cheapest and easiest way to ensure a reliable connection.

I bought a NDX2 at the beginning of 2020 took a look at the Core and It seemed pretty apparent it was perhaps not the best solution or good value for money. I then looked at a Roon Rock and considered the possibility of a NUC running Roon. Finally I settled for a 2012 Mac Mini with a 1TB SSD housing all my CD rips (using DB Poweramp) and running Roon and Tidal 24/7.
The Mac Mini is tiny and simple and lives tucked under our telly in the family room plugged into our network. It’s silent and it cost only 20% of a core.


I feel I must defend the UnitiCore! :laughing: It’s brilliantly well made and integrates with the Naim app in ways you may not realise; for example; search happens across your UnitiCore library and streaming provider; and you can edit metadata and artwork straight from the Naim app with handy image search facilities built in. The metadata is much more reliable than other products I’ve tried! Finally, even though I don’t want to believe it, it always sounds a little bit better than my NAS running Minim. 🤷