If I go streaming I will use the uniti core with ndx.


I have my Uniti Core on a wired ethernet network…which is the recommended method for streaming to the NDX2.

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my experience as well!

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I did not know it could do that! Thanks.

You should be able to use Qobuz on your Muso. I have a Muso (2nd generation) which has native Qobuz through the NAIM App. I also have an older (1st generation) Muso QB. I use Qobuz with this in a gym using Bluetooth/airplay (not the NAIM App). It sounds fine and gives access to all my stored music/playlists etc.

Yeah mines first Gen I can use airplay but wish it’d go through the Naim app…

Would be interested to know how
you do that?

Hi, Maccaboy10. Neat, isn’t it? I suspect, plug in a USB HD / Flash to the NDX2 and switch on “server mode” in the Naim App settings, however, @andypandya1 is probably the best person to give you the low-down.


I just plug a portable HD into the NDX usb and play from either server mode or rear usb…

Then as it’s hardwired to my home network my laptop pics it up as a device and I can view/change the HD contents…

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Ok thanks, this may be a Mac question but how do I locate the NDX2 via wireless using finder? USB is attached, and server ticked in options in the Naim app

What do you want to do? I don’t think you can mount the NDX2 as a hard drive over smb protocol or anything.

It has an IP address and your router may provide a DNS name. You can go to http://ip_address (or using the DNS name) in a web browser for some settings and to http://ip_address/webclient for a basic web player (which was not intended for customer use but as a development interface, but it works)

My UnitiCore (MUSICSERVER) appears in ‘Network’ which you may need to enable via Finder Preferences. I’m assuming the NDX2 will do the same in server mode, but I haven’t tried it.

I was wanting to do what andypandya1 is doing, rip cds on the Mac and sync them with the attached usb on my NDX2. Happy to admit, I may have misunderstood though

I see

Ah, server mode, I forgot. Might work, have not tried.

@Maccaboy10 I have no Mac in front of me, but probably go to Finder > Go (in the top menu bar) > Server, and enter the IP address or DNS name of the NDX2. This should open it in Finder (if the whole thing is possible) and you can probably bookmark it or make it auto-mount

Edit: Probably like this:

Thanks. Sorry to be a pain (and railroad this thread) but where do I find the NDX2s IP address or DNS?

You can see the IP address in the app > Settings (the gear wheel top right) > Other settings > Network settings.

It is better to use the DNS name because your router may sometimes give the NDX2 a different IP address. I seem to remember that the NDX2 announces itself as “NDX-2” on the network, and at least my router picked this up automatically, so it was automatically accessible under that name across the network. If not, use the browser to go to the router’s configuration web page, there you should see the IP and possibly the name. Or assign/change the name.

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Is it not showing up in Network on your Mac? That’s easier than finding the IP

On the Naim app:

Settings → Other Settings → Network Settings

Also, enable Server Mode in the same “Other Settings” menu

If you have a storage device connected to the ND via it’s USB input, Server Mode will expose that drive to other clients on the LAN

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Have you hard wired it to your hub/router?

Should just come up on the network connections?

Not sure about how you’d do it on a Mac? They’re a bit Area 51 to me :thinking:

No it’s via WiFi . Router is in another room