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Hi again folks,

I’m now in a position to buy a brand new NDX 2 network player. Do you reckon i should plunge for this new player or should i consider a Naim DAC instead? Or spend the rest on some horrible tasting new wine?, that i may not of been able to afford to otherwise? Hifi maybe overrated, from what i’m told, which is why i come here for your wisdom. Many thanks in advance.


As an NDX2 owner, I think you should go for the NDAC :grin:


My recommendation is go with the NDX 2.

I am prejudiced since I have one and I will also say be prepared to add a power supply at some time in the future. The model can be saved for a future thread.

Stephen, good luck with your new SN 3 and your future decisions! …have fun along the way…

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Interesting Chris. Why so?

Trade in the 5 for the NDX2.

Love naim and it gets better as you climb up the ladder

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Hi mickdale,

i have my ND5 XS 2 plus my NAIT XS 2 for a trade in… I’m hoping that main dealers are still trading in this way as my local Audio t hinted they’re not during this pandemic. I will try and arrange something with them as i’m sure they’re itching under their own circumstances, as well… It’s hard, i would like to home demo in this instance also…

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Well the proper answer would obviously have been go and listen for yourself. Still, having spent quite some time comparing ND5XS2 to NDX2 via SPDIF out into a separate DAC, both my dealer and I concluded that any differences were marginal. So given that you can get an NDAC for £1k or less these days, it’s going to be a lot cheaper than an NDX2, even though you will be able to trade in the ND5, and you won’t need an extra shelf on your rack.
I don’t honestly buy the idea that there is a simple scale of good/better/best when it comes to these choices. There is too much potential for personal preference, sample variation and system synergy to complicate matters. So both moves are potentially valid upgrade paths, you just need to decide that works for you.
I think it’s worth bearing in mind that the NDAC was, in its day, one of Naim’s recommended upgrades for NDX owners, which gives you an idea of where it sits in their hierarchy. It’s still a great DAC, although personally, I chose to jump on the Chord bandwagon, and I have no intention of getting off.


You know what to do. You won’t look back, take the plunge.

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Stephen. I had a brand new ND5 XS2 for 5 months. Loved it! I have had the NDX2 for 5 weeks. I love it even more!
Make the jump. The NDX 2 has everything the ND5 XS2 has, and improves on it. I don’t make this recommendation lightly.

See my thread on the subject:


I loved my nDAC and traded it in for a NDX2. You have to consider that it’s not about the DAC only but also about the excellent source the NDX2 is. I definitely don’t regret it.

NDX2 and water instead of nDAC and wine. :grin:

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Thank you Chris, indeed the NDAC is a much cheaper option and as very tempting as that maybe my heart keeps telling me to go for the NDX 2. Mainly because it’s a newer and current model. It’s also aesthetically in line with my SN3 and of course it’s natural matching partner. You say that between using ND5 XS 2 and NDX 2 via a separate DAC is minimal but have you compared both streamers side by side in their natural form?

Many members here have made the jump from ND5 XS 2 to NDX 2 with no reservations in doing so, considering the price jump, it must be a whole much better player. As for the PSU upgrade? this will have to wait for quite some time.

Yes i think you’re right Mike_S. The only thing here for me is being able to home trial a unit before pressing the button as it were. It’s a lot of money and i need to feel that i am making the right decision. Hopefully my dealer will be up for such a negotiation real soon. Ideally i would like to trade in my ND5 XS 2 and NAIT XS 2 at the same time.

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IMO you can’t properly compare between NDX2 and NDAC without knowing what digital source is being used with the NDAC. I have compared NDX2 and NDAC and marginally preferred the latter but only when using a high quality digital source.

Chris also makes a valid point above that the NDAC was, in its day, one of Naim’s recommended upgrades for NDX owners and retailed for £2749 in 2019 for what is just a DAC without any of the network functionality provided in the newer streamers so I agree with Chris that this gives an idea of where Naim thought it sat in their hierarchy.

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What’s missing from your present setup that’s tempting you to investigate the NDX2 Stephen ?

Is the XS2 going as well ?

Yes it’s certainly food for thought. The Naim DAC is definitely financially tempting for sure. I have seen many lately for sale but this maybe telling another story? I already have the ND5 XS 2 and know that i would take a considerable hit on it on a trade in. Obviously i could sell it myself along with my NAIT but the market seems a bit flat at the moment because of the current climate. I think i need to put some more thought into things. It’s a shame my dealer is closed as i would most certainly be visiting him today. I can’t wait for this lockdown to be all over. Maybe in a few weeks time i’m hoping…

Hi James,

nothing is missing with my ND5 XS 2 as far as i can tell. It’s an extraordinary fine player. I’m just merely trying to finish my journey that little bit quicker than i thought i could. For me the NDX 2 will be the most expensive HiFi component that i have ever contemplated on, so i need to know it will be worth it over my current one.

I have read a mixture of opinions from the NDX 2 being a little bit better until one adds a PSU (indeed i have experienced this myself albeit with a 555DR), to a whole new different level. I have also been advised by some very knowledgeable members that a NDAC will be better still. I would rather the NDAC myself as it saves a whole bunch of cash but this will be a blind purchase for me, so it’s proving difficult to make my mind up. Mind you, no doubt i could move a NDAC on without any loss financially i reckon but there does tend to quite a few sitting around on the used market at this time, another thing that is bringing me some doubt. The NDX 2 is what it is and can be home trialled if need be without too much hassle.

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Mmm… certainly food for thought. Thanks Chris! :+1:

Buy the NDac and enjoy it until you can home-demo the NDX2 – compare carefully, take your time. If you prefer the NDX2, sell the NDac with very little or without any loss. If you prefer th NDac, be a happy bunny – you save a lot of monry that goes into the PSU upgrade fund.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. :grinning:


Hi Stephen,
Would recommend a listen if you can. My dealer sent out an email just the other day indicating that they were opening soon. The email gave details of what they were putting in place to ensure social distancing etc. Might be worthwhile seeing where your dealer is with regard to reopening.
As an aside I’m still very happy with bare NDX2 and SN3 - no additional PSUs…yet. Source is Qobuz and local NAS.

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Haha! That is great news to hear Orac. Thank you. I haven’t heard anything from mine as of yet but i’m sure that they must be working hard behind the scenes to open up safely real soon. Hopefully i will receive an e-mail from them in due course. This will certainly give me more confidence in my decision making. I guess the right thing to do now is hold back a little and see what happens in the coming weeks…

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