Ndx 2

Perhaps you should start reading a good book or start propagating cuttings. You’ve only just bought a Hicap and then a Supernait 3. Just forget about upgrading, enjoy the music, your book and your propagation. You will get lots of buy X or Y advice. It’s easy to spend other people’s money and my advice to you is to do nothing for at least three months. It doesn’t have to be rush, rush, rush. If you still feel the need to spend money at that time, get the NDX2. You don’t want boxes of different sizes and the NDX is what you want anyway. You’ve said so, so don’t be diverted. And don’t forget those Neat Ministras - I’d be looking at them at this point.


Hi Nigel,
i have already organised with audio t to give me a call as soon as they have a pair of Ministras in. On the other hand my Motive SX2’s have considerably benefitted from the addition of a SN3. They are almost a different speaker. Gone is the lumpy bass and they have opened up considerably, so much so that changing my speakers at this point has not even entered my head. I do like the sound of the Ministras though, they are an extraordinarily fine sounding speaker for sure.

A close boundary stand mounter in my listening room sounds very appealing to me as from an aesthetically point of view at least.

The last couple of NDACs that sold on ebay went for about £750. In your position, I would just buy one, live with it for a while, then get a home demo of the NDX2 later. You can then sell or trade in the NDAC if you decide that you prefer the NDX2. (Or even keep them both :japanese_ogre:)


One thing I have found usefull ,or maybe not, since mid march, is that my local dealer(s) have been more than happy for home demos. Allowing easy a vs b comparisons. This has had a downside to my wallet. But allowed me to hear things worth buying. And in one specific case zero differences in items.
So, for me I plugged a chord qutest into my ND5XS2 and heard a significant change.
Don’t forget, most if any difference you will hear ND5xs2 vs NDX2 will be in the DAC. The digital front ends are pretty much the same.
As others have suggested, buy a used ndac and see what you hear. Borrow a qutest also. The ND5xs2 is Naims best value streamer.


Wow! That has just got to be a no-brainer! :grin:

Thanks guys!

Stephen, one quick question. If you add the NDAC do you have the space on your rack for the additional box? Or will you need to add a shelf? Will you need to upgrade interconnect and power line as well?

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Hi seakayker,

all good points and points that have been whirring around in my mind around all day. As things now stand i will need to factor in another shelf and an additional DC-1 - BNC to BNC cable also. Both of those items together will nearly cost as much as the DAC itself. Then there is the risk of buying from previous owners from a auction site. Mmm. It’s not holding up well for me to be honest. I like to buy new from my dealer as well as knowing that i’m covered and pretty much know what to expect from their services.

The NDX 2 is looking a lot more likely for me now in that i can just swap both streamers and carry on as i was but with the upgraded performance added in to boot. The optional PSU for the NDX 2/will be a long time coming. This will be my last upgrade for quite a while i should think.

I think i shall take on HH’s advice above and kick my shoes off for a little while and wait for my dealership to reopen up again where i will be able form a more determined decision. I need to speak to them in a environment that i’m used to and feel comfortable in. Maybe even a home trial period before fully committing as it’s a big commitment for someone like myself. I need to make sure i am doing the right thing instead of rushing into things right away.

On another note; i have not regretted purchasing a HiCap DR and SN3 for one minute. I never thought i would ever hear my ND5 XS 2 sounding this good, it has far exceeded my expectations. I thought i was going to run dangerously into ‘mullet’ territory but that just simply hasn’t happened. It just goes to show how much Naim’s baby streamer can punch way above it’s weight. I simply cannot fault it.


Stephen, good luck and take your time. I know that I did and researched on the internet and talking with my dealer before moving forward. Hopefully your dealer will allow a home demo so you can hear the difference in your own environment.

Just have some fun along the way…

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I’ve had ndac with XPS & 555PS and (with various NDX combinations in-between) now have NDX2/XPSDR.

In my experience the NDX2 is better than all these combinations. It reminds me of my old CDS3 in presentation.



Thank you GreameH for sharing your firsthand experiences here. That is a very helpful reply to me. Yes i’ve had a funny gut feeling that might of been the case. As good as the NDAC maybe, things must of moved on by now i feel. The ND5 XS 2 is no slouch either, but i can only imagine what a NDX 2 will bring to the table!

As soon as my dealer is up and running i shall be organising a visit with them along with the very high prospect of ordering a brand new NDX 2. A last indulgence for a very long time.

I’m now feeling more determined than ever to make this dream system of mine come to fruition!

In the meantime i’m really enjoying my system as is. The HiCap DR and SN3 are really starting to gel together and are both such welcome additions. My music has never sounded so good. Everything sounds so much more powerful yet more delicate at the same time. The bass quality is something else. It’s all very, very addictive!
Thanks again!


Ndac is not risky to buy. It doesn’t need service and eBay gives a very good protection to the buyers too. If you don’t receive it or if it doesn’t work, EBay refunds you.
Someone recently preferred the Ndac/ Ndx2 vs the Ndx2 alone.
Nd5xs2/ Ndac is better or at minimum on the same level as Ndx2. Ndac costs 750 pounds. It’s a bit sad to loose money on selling the Nd5xs2, relatively new, and buy a new Ndx2, I feel.
With that money it’s possible to upgrade other areas as speakers, or buy a nice turntable.


I hear what you’re saying but for me it’s about system synergy. The NDX 2 player is the right player for my new SN3, not only on a performance level but also from a aesthetic point of view too. I will then be left with the option to upgrade with an XPS DR PSU if or when that time comes. The final piece. This rather appeals to me as it’s a neater and newer package to behold. If i were starting afresh then the NDAC to me would make much more sense.

I’m nearly there now so i might as well go all the way as it were. My heart is telling me that i am doing the right thing. I shall follow my gut instincts from now on rather than settling for second best.


I am with @hungryhalibut on this one. Live with the system you have for a few month, say 3-4 and then if you still fancy a better source explore the market.

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If I could find a NDAC here in North America I’d buy one until I could afford a NDX2. That being said the NDX2 is only 1 box. Less space etc

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I must admit everything is sounding so sweet. I have hit a sweet spot. It’s so velvety and organic sounding. Best two words that come to my mind right now.


The ndac is $1500 used. The NDX2, if you can find one used, would be around $5K. So - what is the question again?

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I think my original question has now disintegrated. Shall i opt for a NDAC or a NDX 2? was my original question but going by many members here who have done just that say go for the NDX 2. A couple say NDAC but most say NDX 2. I’ve pretty much made up my mind now. It’s just getting around to actually doing it.

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Wow! A small miracle just happened. I found a nDAC for sale and yes I’m going to buy it. The NDX2 or hopefully a NAC272.2 will have to wait. I’ll report back on how it improves a ND5XS2


I agree however that a one new box is more appealing. It looks better on a rack.

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I got mine for $1025 USD, which made it a no-brainer.