NDX not saving added Internet Radio stations

I am having problems with my NDX2 not storing individualy aded stations.

Vtuner reports that the added station has been saved.

The device does not display added stations when I use the app to verify success. I have the Apple app on my iPhone 11 Pro.
Presets and favourites have been culled.

I use Windows 11 and Chrome. I wonder if the problem is within Windows and networking.

I have reset the NDX2 checked its status on the network and successfully operated the device across other functions.

Suggestions please?
Thanks in advance.


Here’s how you do it;

Thanks Robert. This all works for me from the already listed Internet Radio database, but not if I wish to add my own individually chosen stations. I’m culling out presents and favourites, but i’m not sure that this is the solution. Adding individual stations not already included used to ework. Preformatted text

Are you still using a 272 as preamp? If so, are you aware that presets are saved separately for each streamer and any that you save to the 272 will not be visible on the NDX2.
Also you need a separate vTuner login using the NDX2 MAC address.

You may already know all this, but if not it could explain the issues you are having.

Thanks Chris.

Using the NAP202, and as far as I can tell - Vtuner thinks my device is properly identified.

It used to work, and something has changed.

Wish there was a link somewhere to tell Vtuner to forget all about me and to allow for a fresh start.


Your profile says you have a 272, thus my suggestion, or is that a typo?

Error. I am a blind person and this site has some acessibiity issues. Will have a go at fixing it.

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