NDX slow song to song, skips second on songs

My NDX has recently started being rather slow in the transition from song to song on Tidal and more often than not jumps a fraction of a second after the first 1 or 2 seconds of a song. Have tried to adjust settings on the iPhone (which runs the NAIM app), have relaunched router and modem, and did the tricks with password change on the TIDAL app and still nothing.

The NDX is linked to the internet via wifi bridge on which the ethernet connection links up, so I have considered getting a new bridge, but asking for suggestions before I spend another 50-100 dollars. Radio stations work fine, as does TV sound via optical or USB connection to phone. Thanks for any help.

See the thread on the same issue with the Qb. An issue with Tidal on legacy streamers, Naim are on the case.

Many thanks for the suggestion. Somehow I seem to have sorted it by linking directly to the router with a 10 ft cable (cheaper than a new bridge). Then reconnected to the bridge and it is as if the direct cable link restored something. Reinforces my humanities-trained mind that electronics are all about magic.

It’s not anything to do with magic! Tidal rolled back the change at their end that caused this sudden problem a week ago. So it should all be working normally now anyway.

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I’d raised a case for this issue with Naim. The link below is their closure text.

My faith in rational explanations restored. Thank you.

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