Tidal not behaving……

Yeah first world problems, I grant.

Thanks! Much appreciated. I noticed no Star’s in the list - a bit worrying from my perspective! But the issues sound virtually identical. For me, typically one or two tracks play fine, then the stuttering starts.

Eoink mentioned three Uniti products, the Core is a separate platform and as he described Uniti launch in 2017, Atom HE appeared some years later - Star mentioned! Hope you won’t need to worry

Went back to HiFi setting on my 172 and plays fine as of last night. No extra buffering or stuttering at the beginning. Have not checked the NDX though.

I’ve mailed Naim support mentioning that there is now a Star with the issue. Just thinking about it (this is me another user, not Naim asking the question), can you check what quality Tidal is sending the stream at?
On the currently playing track go to this screen and check if the quality is 44.1kHz or higher, or greater than 16 bit. If higher than that might cause stuttering (Naim do support higher quality on their Qobuz interface,but this is new from Tidal and I don’t know how it works at the moment. I’m away from home at the moment and can’t check check myself, I’m using an old Qb.

If it is higher res then I can point you to an earlier post with a possible workaround by changing a Star setting.

And sorry that my careless way of writing above caused you worry.

Statement from Naim.
“I want to confirm that Tidal gave us the all-clear overnight, attributing the issue to internal changes they made that have since been rolled back. All legacy devices should be operational with Tidal again.”
And @ajbthomo for the Star issue he agreed that it might be Tidal Max (their new high quality service) which is not yet integrated into Naim causing the stutter. Not tested and not proven, just a possibility.


Thank you @Eoink once again. Must say the Qb is sounding rather good.

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At the risk of being a broken record, Naim could I believe address the legacy streamer issues almost at a stroke (and sell some more product to boot) by giving the Core functionality to act as an intermediary for streaming services such as Qobuz and Tidal (similar to what Bubble UPnP server does) but in a fully supported and integrated way. I’m sure customers with multiple Gen 1 devices who dont want to tinker with third party devices and apps would bite their arm off at the shoulder for such a capability.


This would work rather well.

By putting an RPI in front of our SuperUniti (via SMSL to SPDIF) we are enjoying hires services on our SuperUniti, including hires Tidal Connect.

The core has a modern network interface which could do the same buffering. The Core is just a reasonably high powered computing device with custom firmware. It could do whatever is dreamt of. Melco, Innuos and others already do same.

In fact we’re almost there with having a UnitiServe running Ubuntu to do same.

Naim have always used the lowest power processor that was capable of doing the job in their servers in order to keep the noise floor as low as possible. So I suspect the hardware wouldn’t be capable of running more apps in addition to the very basic Naim server.
I once suggested to Steve Harris that it would be neat if the Roon Core would be run on the Naim Core, and his reply was a resounding no. So I can’t see their approach being any different for other additional services - at least not unless they have a change of heart and release an updated server with more powerful hardware.

Short answer……buy an Innuos Zen Mini.


This is exactly what Roon does, with the Roon Server, running on an Intel NUC with ROCK.
This is a powerful optimised Linux server that sits on the network edge for internet streaming services and does the format processing, buffering etc, providing a stable UPnP stream to devices within your home network. You just need a bridge from Roon to the early streaming products.
Plus you also get Lossless Internet Radio support, the ability to work with a range of equipment in other locations and a better interface for your locally stored library.
Much more functional than a Unitiserve or a Uniticore. And better than using a S/PDIF input into your Naim network player.

I have been using Roon with my NDS for many years, without issue, for Tidal and Internet Radio, plus playback from my library of 7,500 Albums.

Core runs Quad core 1 GHz NXP iMX6.

Men went to the moon on far less!

Dear Simon,
you convinced me 3 years ago to install Roon.
Since then (ROCK on a nuc8bnh7i with sonore upnpbridge to my ND5xs) I never had problems with stuttering (just when I skipped to fast in a playlist Roon skipped every following track after 3 seconds and I have to reboot the upnpbridge).
Now I had the stuttering problem since a week even with Roon.
Less problems now but in very new albums there is still a break and skipping to the next track after some 3/4 of the album.
Do you experience the same with brandnew Tidal albums?

No problems with a Mu-so 2. I have a High subscription.

I fired up y A&K player earlier today. Tried Tidal - while it all worked, noticed one album I perused showed MQA.
I was under the impression that was no longer on going or has it been retained for kit which can process such files?

No problems, but I don’t play that much from Tidal, just for discovery and background “Roon Radio”

Just the fast skipping can sometimes confuse the Bridge, but one you understand that I find it 100% reliable. We are now stuck on SonicOrbiter version 2.8, as Jesus @ Sonore has deprecated support for the bridge in the latest SO 2.9, without notice.
Anyway I’ll be closing my current SD Card to ensure I have spares on the OS environment, just in case there ever is an issue with a SD card.

Good to hear Roon with a ND5XS is working out for you. Have you tried an external power supply in it?

Hi Eoink,
Had a good listen on Saturday evening and all seems to be working well again. Thanks for keeping us posted. Cheers.


I put Roon to max 96 kHz, left the upnpbridge on 192 kHz. Latency in Roon on 1000ms.
Now unexpected skipping within a track occurs only once every hour.
My best experience in sound improvement was to change the lan cable to NOT - shielded ones!
I bought them from FS-cables.

I don’t have sight of those settings on SonoreUPnP, they are abstracted by a GUI

Then when the Endpoint presents itself to Roon, Roon works out what it can do

I keep it WAV so there is transcoding of the PCM formats, MQA unfolding by the Roon Server and support for DoP, so any dsf files are processed as DSD64 by the NDS and uses the onboard DSD support.

Easy and simple to setup, and ‘Roonify’ the NDS

Evening good people

Is anyone else having tidal issues again ?

Before I start wasteful in home diagnostics! :joy:

Simply refuses to add a song to a queue, screen shows “error”

272 / 250DR

Thank you

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