NDX /US Network issue post Lightning Strike’

Hi, my unitiserve has suddenly got a flashing logo and is not found on the network. At the same time my NDX has not got a screen display and also cannot be found on the network. I have factory reset the NDX and still nothing shows. It is plugged into the network and not using wifi. Not sure if these are linked issues? Wondering if I need to send them to Naim for an expensive fix or whether to sell them and replace them with a new Nova…thoughts on my options to sort the NDX and Unitiserve and also how the Unite Nova sonically compares to them. Thank you for any insights.

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Off the bat both would indicate they cannot get an ip address are they connected with Ethernet and if so to what?

Thanks Gary. They are connected via TP link which is connected to cat 6 ethernet and a central nether switch which was recently updated. I am a complete novice in all of this…

The first thing will be to power down the two devices and the switch and the router. Then fire up the router give it five minutes then turn on the switches then turn on the unitiserve etc

Ok thank you. will try that now.

I rebooted everything and removed the tp link where the devices were plugged into then and plugged the devices straight into the ethernet network. Still not seeing either of them on the network.

Be useful if you can post more detail.
First your country if not uk.
Second @garyi has already asked what is the ethernet plugged into?
Fair question, in essence your isp and it’s router.
Third, you mention you can’t see either Naim unit on the network! Please explain what you are using - it’s called a control point - to “see” your network. It may be the Naim app - which one or a desktop computer.
Yes it’s all frustrating, but we will try to help…the devil being in the detail.

edit - suggest you concentrate on just NDX and try to get that working first, either streaming or via a memory stick. Then we can try and help with US. Is this a US SSD or US + HDD?

Thank you Sound Hound. I am in the UK. The ethernet runs into a central netgear switch which is fed by a sky router. The ISP is BT. I have tried to see the machines on the Naim and Focal app on my iPhone and also on my Mac.

Yes happy to focus on the NDX first. It is the US HDD. Appreciate the help and apologies for my basic knowledge!

Please clarify - sky router yet you are with BT as ISP.
Do you have a router/modem from BT?
Are you able to connect - temporary if necessary, the NDX direct to the primary router?
iPhone model? On Mac - is this an iMac that can run the Naim app - only later iMacs can do this?
I have a hunch, but as much specific info as possible is appropriate.

edit - your iPhone is likely on wifi, yet your NDX is wired - so what provides your wifi - specifics if you would please?

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@thebarner I forgot to welcome you to the forum!

Your post is really about a network issue with US and NDX - you might consider amending the title and your original post, which will attract others with network knowledge. Any discussion on replacement with a Nova would be best for another thread. If you don’t know how to edit, please ask.

Sorry …the ISP is SKY. I was just seeing an old BT network on my system. The router is a SKY router. The iPhone is a 15 pro.No it is a Mac pro. Yes the phone is on wifi and the NDX is plugged into the ethernet that goes via the Netgear switch to the SKY router. IHistorically I have had two networks downstairs…one provided by a TP link that served the NDX and Unitiserve and the sky network for the rest of downstairs. I have disconnected the TP link network and plugged the Unitserve and NDX directly into he ethernet network as the TP link network was not working.

Ok, is the BT network totally removed? Same is the TP link all removed?
So where is the wifi originating?
Using Mac won’t find the NDX, unless your know the IP address (not important just now).
The NDX needs first, to be plugged directly into the router - not the switch (to eliminate any probs).
Once done, switch off router, then NDX, then iPhone. In the same order, restart each, waiting at least five minutes between each restart. Let us know how you get on.

Is this an ethernet network you created? In any event, to establish where the issue is, direct connection - if necessary order a long patch cable - few bob on the big river!

I cannot remove the BT network as it is not giving me that option. Has never been an issue before. I have removed the TP link. I will do as you say in next half hour and report back. Thanks again for the help.

If you have two networks present, that may well be the cause of the issue you are experiencing.
It’s still not clear what you mean by lack of “option”. Where is this BT network being seen?
The second network needs to be unplugged entirely.

edit - I will avoid network jargon, but it is essential that you only have one active network, particularly if you are not familiar with the the conflicts of duplicated networks. In domestic environments, only one network should be present, unless you have a clear understanding of avoiding those conflicts. There are several unanswered questions and if as you have suggested as a novice, how and why you set up two networks. Please see my earlier comment about the thread title.

I am seeing an old BT network on my iPhone but not on my Mac. I am also seeing a Netgear network on my phone and Mac. I do not know where these are coming from as they are not mine. The second network is unplugged entirely. In the past I was able to operate my naim equipment on my separate network without a problem but it has obviously now failed.
The separate network was installed by the people who set up my networks and set up my Naim gear when installed about 9 years ago.

I am seeing the BT and Netgear networks as well as my other network (which has been disconnected and removed) in the "other Networks’ heading on my Mac. None of them are live or accessible.

The cat 6 ethernet network was installed when the house was built. Two -four access points in each room.

I’m trying to be helpful, so without the answers to the questions, a little tricky.
Ignore the Mac - it can’t run the Naim app and I suspect it’s connected by wifi, not hardwired.
If you are still seeing an old BT network on phone, it is likely still broadcasting !!
Post a screen print of your iPhone network connections - then do a network reset.
You haven’t mentioned a sky network - is this the “other network” to which you refer?
Who set up the sky router / network?

Sorry I am trying to answer all the questions. Could the BT and Netgear networks be a neighbours?

Just going through the shutdown and reboot process and will then send a screen print of the iPhone network connections. The sky network is the main network and the TP link extender was the “other network”.

here is the screen print of the phone