Ndx2, 202, 200dr

I currently have a 272, 200DR and Proac Tablette 10 sig. I have been waiting for the 272 replacement and have run out of patience - so looking at an NDX2 and 202 into my 200DR. I am presuming this will be a significant upgrade.

One thing I am not sure of is how the 202 is powered from the 200DR and whether I will need to buy any additional leads. Would appreciate any advice?

Can I suggest a 282 instead which will be happy powered via a SNAIC4 cable (as would the 202) from the 200DR. The SNAIC4 comes with the 200.

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The lead supplied with the 200 is all you need, it sends the signal to the 209, as well as DC power from 200 to 202.
It’s a nice system and I think you’ll find it a significant step up from your 272. Plenty of scope for further upgrades if you feel the urge later, but it’s certainly not lacking in my opinion.

There will inevitably be those who insist that you need a Hicap, or that it’s a waste of time unless you get a 282. Sure, there’s always another upgrade if you want it, but NDX2/202/200DR is certainly a system I could live with.


The 200DR would provide power for the 202 pre-amp. It wouldn’t be optimum, you’d need a Hicap DR to do that, but it will get you going :+1:

Factor in a napsc for the 202 as well, it’s definitely worth it.


Just be sure that you won’t kick yourself when a new 272 appears, which it surely will…

The 202 is fine but I wouldn’t use it without a Napsc. A lot depends on whether you see yourself climbing the Naim upgrade ladder. If not, it may be worth chopping in the 200 for a Supernait 3. I swapped my 272 and 300 for an NDX2/SN3 and it’s a wonderful combination. Fewer wires, no pesky Napsc, sensible input sensitivity and a really nice phono stage if that floats your boat.

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HH… curious as to your thoughts re sound of your new system relative to the old. Similar… Better… Different? What did you give up… what did you gain (besides fewer cables and the built in phono stage)?

As others have said no additional leads needed. Makes sense to me.

Ndx2, 202, 200dr is a beautifully balanced set of components that have been designed to work together. Can it be improved upon? Of course, and quite simply within the Naim approach of improved power supply components. Does it need to be? Absolutely not.
My version of this system, CDX2, 202, 200, served me very well for several years, and responded positively to each improvement I could afford to implement along the way.
Having said all that, I would always recommend audition before purchase,


Okay, the 202/200 will be a little more transparent than the 272 BUT what are you looking to improve? If you want to make a change I really would hold out for a 282 which will truly open the door.




@LindsayM It might be a bit out of topic, however how would you compare a 202/200 to a 282/200?

I’ve never been lucky enough to compare the systems (yet I would like to get an upgrade sooner or later). Right now I have an Exposure 3010S2D which is in the same category as the Nait XS 3. As far as I understood (I’m a beginner), many people here compare the 202/200 to the Supernait 3 saying that they are somehow similar, even though the first should be a touch more precise and insightful.

Yup. I would skip the 202 and go directly to the 282.

Do Not Pass Go, Go Collect a 282…!!

202 vs 282 - ? Easy… 282 is a lot better. IMO - YMMV, etc…


Yes broadly I would say the SN is on a par with the 202/200 but different in presentation as you describe, the 202 more insightful but of course the SN is a more recent development. Now at the risk of overhyping this the 282 is a complete paradigm shift. It was described to me by someone else as completely opening the door on the music and I can’t think of a better way to describe it. It does detail in abundance, glorious wide soundstage, but most rhythm and dynamics. Visceral is a word I used to describe the 552 in another thread but similarly I would say the same of the 282. Any vices? Perhaps with an overly bright speaker in the wrong room it might need taming. I originally paired mine with my HC and 200 with Dyna Contour 1.8s. Best part of 8 years fantastic entertainment. Now paired with a Supercap DR and 250DR with Kudos S20s shortly to become Titan 505s. Much is made of the 282 vs 252 debate and yes the 252 is a “better” pre in as much as it resolves more detail and has a more mature presentation but it would have to be a 552 to tempt me away and that’s a lot of money.

What I haven’t heard is a 282 paired with a 200(DR) but I would imagine it is in all likelihood a superb pairing, worth remembering that the DR adaptation to the 200 is purely for powering the pre-amp so there would be a lot of benefit to be had there.

But SN, 202/282/200(DR) it’s all good!




Thank you very much for your explanation!

I’m pretty sure that all these systems can be quite entertaining and surely there’s not limit to the concept “there’s always something better”. I think one has to decide what to buy according to the personal preference and how much money one wants to spend.

So the key point, I suppose, is understanding which presentation one might prefer, that could change a lot according to the speakers and general room setup. I love a wide soundstage and the same goes with details, but I wouldn’t enjoy them if they were exaggerated. Balance is always the key after all.

As soon as I have the opportunity, I will gladly compare the 202 and the 282. I don’t think I would ever go beyond that, but a 202 might be more mature compared to a SN and would allow easier upgrades, that’s something to consider.

I’m sure you are tempted by the 552, however you already have quite a system to enjoy. In my case I’m just starting to explore the Naim world as last year I bought the NDX 2 which I’m really appreciating.

Meanwhile I’m trying to understand and plan where I might want to land with my system!

I own a SN2 since 6 year and previously I only have owned separates during my “audiophile” life (apart when I was a boy). the original idea, when I swiched to SN2, was to reduce the number of boxes.
but, as you can immagine, I first added the XPSDR to CDX2 then the HCDR to SN2… and again I’m full of them!

at this point, adding one more wouldn’t be “disturbing”; that’s why I’m considering to pair my SN2 with a NAP 250DR or with a NAC 282, as first step to separates (282/250).

many do like this but, honestly, could it be the right path to separates?


I’m not really worried about the number of boxes to be honest, but I would like to follow the right path and make the right decision in the future. First of all I guess I need to understand whether I prefer the sound presentation of the Supernait or the 202 (or the 282?). After that I suppose things will be much easier. I’m fascinated by the idea of having separates, but it all comes down to the sound preference I guess.

so little love for the 202 AS USUAL. So little has changed in a decade of this forum.

I find the 202/200 to be a fine performer, never lacking and keeps me entertained for hours, days, years. decades.

it’s only forum hype that says pass 202 and go to 282.

Guess what : I listened to the hype and got a 282, and while it’s better, It wasn’t really necessary.

One can stay at 202/200 as an endgame, of course maybe the NAPSC is required, but not that expensive.

NDX2 is a fine source for that amplifier. Stay here and forget the forum upgrade pressure.

If you can afford, well of course, there’s 282, 252, 552, 555PS for the NDX2, Superlumina FRAIM etc etc.

I still have my 202.

And I use it daily, and more often than my 282 based system.


I wonder what the OP, @Mungochatney , makes of the thread. Has it been useful?

the 200 comes with a lead that attaches to the 202, there’s no need to buy any other cable.

about improving SQ vs 272, well it should be. The NDX2 is a dedicated source, not a compromised streamer/preamp/dac.

I was never interested in a 272, nor will I be in such products.

They are compromises. I would personally rather have an Nova if compromising.

If an updated 272 does appear, I would not be the least bit interested in it (due to the compromised performance).

The NDX2 on the other hand, is something very desirable to my ears.

Second hand 202 are not that expensive, but maybe you get lucky and get a second hand 282.

It’s all about how much money you can spend.


Thanks very much for the replies - it is helpful to get others opinions. Still hovering at the moment - the main reason being I would regret taking the plunge if the updated 272 was released shortly after. But then again it might never come. Will probably try and hold off til mid year and fight the urge to impulse buy. If I do go 202/NDX2 then will definitely get a napsc.

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