NDX2 channel went out

Rats. Din output affected
RCA output is fine though

Dealer will fix it, under warranty but still a headache and seems not uncommon failure of the relay

Join the Q, it’s ridiculous, I’ve had three relay failures. What year is your NDX2?

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Another week, another NDX2 relay failure.


We read these posts and dread ever trying anything other than digital out :astonished:

Our NDX2 could have the relay fault, but we’d never know.

Hmmm good plan, instead of buying an XPS save a fortune & buy a DAC!

Not really an economy, as you’ll want a 555PS if you get an nDAC :laughing:

Oh does using an ndac mean the relay thing isn’t a problem? That would certainly be an another good reason to hope someone trades one in at my local dealer this Christmas :joy:. Not that I have the ndx2 but I’m assuming my nd5xs2 can have the same issue.

I’ve thought about trialing the ndx2 instead of an external dac just because a second hand ndx2 would probably be easier to obtain but it’s still the more expensive upgrade and has a screen that could fail.

As far as I understand it the relays are analogue output chain.

We hear the clicks on startup but not relevant (we hope).

Wouldn’t worry about the screen, it’s hardly ever on.

A few years old…before Covid that’s for sure

Naim need to source a viable alternative for these relays and fit them to any unit returned with a failure but also step up to the plate and honour repairs FOC outside of warranty.


So mine is back after weeks of investigation. The fix? Select DIN + RCA in Output Settings. DIN setting alone doesn’t work. Bizarre.

That’s not an officially approved HQ Service ‘fix’….Surely?!

Do you have to stand on one leg at the same time…?


Weird, the advice was always to have one output only selected, to maximise sound quality.

Sounds like a bit of a fob-off to me.

Sounds like a dealer fix, not a Naim HQ fix. Have you got the service documents? I would never allow that being the fix.

The NDX2 is now working through both channels at least. Forgive my ignorance, the selection of DIN + RCA in output degrades the sound quality over the selection of just one ? I’m totally confused by the whole thing…

Is it just the NDX2 having this problem with the relay? It seems like there are quite a few of these failures now. I don’t recall seeing this problem with other components.

Multiple tales of relay failures on nd555 including mine

Interesting, is it a particular relay model used in certain units that are failing? It seems like din relays would be used in most of Naim’s line up.

Question for those that know better than I

If I replace relays, are replacement ones at risk too? Or are there better ones that will be installed

Are RCA output relays at risk too?

Would also like to know this having new din relays replaced some months ago