NDX2 keeps freezing when playing Qobuz

Hi, I have recently signed up to Qobuz to try it out for a while. I’m enjoying the quality but my NDX2 keeps freezing and needs to be put into deep sleep to reset it and be seen by the app again. This is the first issue I have had with it and it does not do this with any other source. It usually happens half way through a track and roughly 2/3/4 tracks into an album or playlist.

Any ideas?

I did see that there were some similar posts from a while back but couldn’t find any fixes.

Are you running the latest firmware ?

Yep, 3.8.0

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Are you using a LAN lead or WiFi

If its a relatively new one talk to your dealer……exchange the unit or try in the dealer premises?


Are these random tracks, or the same tracks/albums show this behavior repeatedly and others don’t?
Is this happening for hi-res tracks only, or also for “CD quality”?

In case it’s “only” happening on (very) hi-res (like 192/24): have you played hi-res tracks before from other sources?
(If not, there might be issues with network bandwidth/stability - on the other hand, the NDX2 should recover from these and not require a reboot.)

I remember general issues with some very-hi-res tracks quite a while back, but haven’t read anything on those issues with recent firmware versions.

In case of WiFi:
If you can easily do so, it may be worth to use a(ny) LAN cable just for testing/reference just to see, if it makes a difference.

Any chance of acquiring a long LAN cable and trying the NDX2 direct into the router to rule out WiFi issues.

I know I should probably try Ethernet to rule out wifi but to be honest I really don’t think it’s internet speed. We never have issues with wifi speed or bandwidth. We have no problems streaming multiple movies simultaneously in the house. I just did a speed test and I consistently get 50+ Mbps. It seems strange that if it was that, it would cause it to lock up and be unresponsive needing a reboot.

I usually stream from my stored files on a hard drive, or Apple Music. I tried tidal for a short while but found it no better than Apple, infact I found Apple had a better sound than tidal. Less clinical and a bit nicer to listen to. Qobuz definitely is my pick though, it seems to have the detail as well as the rhythm. it’s just a shame that it keeps freezing. It’s really bloody annoying. You can almost predict when it’ll happen. 2/3 tracks in to an album or playlist. Stops halfway through a track and becomes unresponsive.

Have you tried a factory reset

It’s nothing to do with internet speed. It’s about how good your network is. Try using a cable as a temporary measure. It that fixes the problem you’ll then know it’s because your wifi isn’t up to it. If the problem persists you’ll know it’s something else.

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No I haven’t. I was hoping to avoid it as I create playlists for the files on the Hard drive and it looses everything. Do you know if there’s anyway of saving playlists? I’m sure there isn’t.

I understand what you’re saying but first I suppose I need to decide if keeping Qobuz is worth re-routing the router or running an ethernet cable to the NDX2 as a long term solution in the event that is the issue. I was hoping that someone had experienced a similar issue and knew what it might be. It has been working perfectly up until I tried Qobuz so maybe I just keep going as before.

Are the albums affected 16 bit cd quality or in 24 bit high res quality?

I’ll have to take a bit more notice Gazza, I’m pretty sure it has happened with both but I have mainly been playing the high res stuff.

I am just wondering if you were previously using tidal which is 16 bit, Qobuz gives the choice of both. I have experienced drop outs when Qobuz was beta tested……but not freezing. It would be useful to know if its exclusively high res.

I’ll try to assess. I’ve now listened to a few different albums more than halfway through, in full hi res, with no issue. So it is not quite as predictable as I first thought.

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Try reducing the quality setting down from 24/192 to 24/96 or 16/44.1 in the Naim app Qobuz settings. If your wifi connection (as opposed to your internet speed) is struggling you should find it can then cope much more easily.

Hi Mark I have a similar problem with Qobuz dropouts with the Uniti Atom. But I opened a new post in the forum to not make the discussion here too complicated. Good luck.