NDX2 + SN2 volume control

Hi, can anyone say for sure if the volume control can be controlled by the NDX2 remote if I connect the remote in/out on each unit?
Cant seem to get a definitive answer!

One easy way to control the volume on the SN2 is via the Naim App that you use to control the NDX2 via an iPhone, etc. You need to connect the two units via a small cable, and enable “system automation.”

Thats helpful, thank you.
Do you know if the NDX remote will do the volume?

Is it an IR remote? If so, yes. I dont know that particular remote however.

No, its the bluetooth one…

Then no – the technology in the SN2 is older and it won’t pair up. I’m 99% sure about this (having owned an SN2 a few years ago).

Ah, I was hoping it would via the system automation connection.
Thanks for your input.

With the old Naim streamers, the remote would control the preamp volume without system automation being enabled, as it was an IR remote. The new Zigbee remotes can’t do this, as they are not IR. With system automation enabled, you can control preamp volume with the Naim app, but it isn’t clear if the new remotes can access system automation volume. It would be useful if Naim could clarify this, perhaps you could call them and ask?

(Naim used to produce manuals which answered basic questions like this, but not any more, it seems.)

I use the nd555 zigbee remote to control the 252 volume via system automation.


Good question, and a good (happy) answer!


Its something I wondered too. @Mike_S and @seakayaker, can you guys confirm if you can control the volume via the NDX2 remote with automation set up or do you have to use the app or SN2 remote?

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Good news Gazza. I’ve checked the wording on the NDX2 and ND555 “Support” pages, and they use the same words for system automation, both mention the app but not the remote, so it seems likely the NDX2 has the same capability.


I never use the App for volume control, so you will be OK.

I have a 52 and it’s not in Line of Sight, I walk and turn the knob. :slight_smile:

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Brilliant!! Thanks guys.

Mini jack to mini jack cable is all you need


Great news! I’ve not tried it myself but will at home later.

I am thinking that one must enable system automation using the Naim App, and then thereafter the Zigbee bluetooth remote will work.

Yes you need to go into settings and enable system automation

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Like Gazza, I use the NDX 2 Zigbee remote to control my 282 volume via system automation.