There is few owners of SUPERNAITs & NDXs here, and there is a number of us considering buying 2 box streaming systems. So my thinking was it would be a good idea to start a thread for owners of these great Naim products to share experiences which will help current and future owners along their journey.

NDX (2010-2018, 24bit/192kHz streaming board introduced in 2011)

NDX 2 (2018-current)

SUPERNAIT (2007-2013)


SUPERNAIT 2 (2013-2019)

SUPERNAIT 3 (2019-current)

Hopefully in time the thread will become a good source of information on the likes of power cables, interconnects, speaker cables, speaker pairing, run-in time and SQ changes, upgrades, accessories (racks, isolation etc.), Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi, usage/quality/service concerns etc.

To get us started here is few interesting topics I gathered during my research on NDX 2 and SN 2;

Floating IEC Mains Supply / Power:

Much of the Naim gear features a floating (loose / shaky / wobbly) IEC mains supply / power socket, same goes for NDX and SN. The IEC socket assembly cut out in the chassis is purposely made larger than the insert and likewise the inner gap should be wider than the thickness of the sled. That way there’s physical decoupling.

Controlling SN 2 volume using NDX 2 Zigbee® Remote / Naim App:

A 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio phono connector cable (stereo or mono) is required to connect the NDX 2 (IR Out) to SN 2 (Remote In) to allow users to control the SN 2 with NDX 2 remote.

SN 2 volume can also be controlled within the Naim app using System Automation. System Automation is a way to allow a connected Pre-amp and/or CD player to have certain functions controlled directly from the Naim app. Usual volume slide bar is replaced with +/-.

The NDX 2 Remote:

The NDX 2 should be supplied with green illumination Zigbee®-compatible remote. If your NDX 2 was supplied with a white illumination remote (Uniti series remote), Naim suggests you contact them so they can exchange your remote with a correct illumination remote.

If I have made a mistake or represented anything above incorrectly please feel to correct.

My SN2 is running in nicely and NDX 2 is still on its way to NZ. I am looking forward to the day it arrives!

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Thanks for starting this thread, great idea.

I’d add that the SN2 has a really good headphone stage, so this is a big plus for those who use headphones a lot - I do, at night when the girls are sleeping.

I’ve had mine around 3 months, and the NDX2 is still revealing more as it run-ins. I really like the run-in phase. You think, wow this is great, then a few days later, it’s wow! all over again.

I also recently moved my speakers wider apart and that certainly expanded the sound stage significantly for the SN2, so playing around with that can be worthwhile. I went with a 0.8 to 1.0 ratio (between speakers: speakers to listening position) and it was quite transformational, which was surprising for me.


Thanks @Mike_S, hope it carries on and becomes valuable source of information.

I was digging yesterday and found this great review of SN 2 by HIFICRITIC. Also mentions the headphone amp and performance.

Very detailed review also showing that in typical Naim style 80W rating is very conservative. Not that it matters to me but might help others.


Here another SN2 review that sold me:


Yep, great review also.

And here is one on the NDX 2.


Hi @timbre/@Mike_S, great thread! I use the powerline lites and lavendar cable that came with the units. My speaker cable is Chord something which is well shielded as it has to run under a floor and through a wall to get to my Neat SX1 speakers. The Naim units are in an understair cupboard so the balance control was great for making sure I had connected the speaker cables the right way round!

Another thing to add is that I use the Naim app. I tried Roon and it is very good but with the Naim app I don’t have to use a separate computer, just my ipad.

I mention these points because it would be nice to know what speakers etc. people are using. Oh another thought, I stream wirelessly to the NDX2. I did use powerline adaptors but have now fitted the aerials and wireless works very well.

Just thought of another one, what do people listen to? I have an SSD connected to the USB port with CD rips and hi rez (all FLAC) plus tidal on the Naim app and Quobuz via chromecast.

Hopefully that is a good start and covers many of the elements for discussion.

I was impressed with Neat speakers until I listened to the Dynaudio Special 40. I use them with a Nova and the sound is excellent.

I deliberately went with a Naim Core to seperate my hi-fi from my computers, and it has been much more reliable and the SQ beats my older iTunes uPnP set up. The Core is in my office/media room with a Nova. Fortunately, when I fitted out the office a few years ago I put Cat6 Ethernet through, which links to the lounge were the main system is wired in.

What do you mean by Naim core? Is it the same as a Roon core?

The Naim Uniti Core:


Wow, I feel a bit thick now! I am reading too many threads and not recognising the basics! :tired_face:

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Me to. But the political ones seem to be going better than the MQA and Roon ones :joy::joy::joy:

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This is exactly what I was hoping to get from this thread! Sounds like a great set-up!

In NZ Naim is supplied with modified mains cables using a standard NZ Tapon termination.

The benefit of Tapon terminators is that here in NZ it allows us to legally take advantage of star earthing by plugging in all the Naim gear on top of each other. My SN 2 is plugged in to the wall plug first with Atom currently above it, looks funny but it works. I am currently not on separate power for Naim but will be in future. Naim Power-Line and Power-Line Light are available but again terminated with Tapon.

I am currently using a pair of NZ built Image 302 speakers. They have been in our family since early 90’s. My father was convinced that they held his system back, well the SN 2 begs to differ. 302’s came to life with Atom and they are another world with SN 2. I am really enjoying them now and that’s great as it allowed me to spend the funds on other gear. Saying that I have considered Kudos, ATC, PMC, KEF R3’s (KEF LS50 for Atom in office), Focal and Totem among many others. After listening to Totem Tribe Towers I am keen to audition them side by side with 302’s. Totem’s are brighter which I like, but no rush. I want to enjoy this process.

Speaker cables I am still thinking about but leaning towards WHS Phantom due to flexibility benefits.

I am feeding the entire system using Fibre 200mbs, via Ubiquiti AmplliFi Wi-Fi (https://www.amplifi.com/explore.html) router into a 24 port Netgear switch to CAT6 Ethernet patches and cables around the house. In fact all my gear in the house apart from phone and tablets is Ethernet connected.

Atom and in future NDX 2 are feed by Tidal. Qubuz is not yet available in NZ. If and when it arrives I would seriously consider it. All controlled on Gen 6 iPad or Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Re Roon, the impression I got is that once you set-up a Roon core you can still use your iPad as a remote, which would negate the need to use the computer to control music. Or was you concern that you needed to switch the computer on to be able to control it with iPad?

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I heard these last week with a Nova at Shore Hi-Fi and I thought they were amazing for a small floor-stander. They would be a serious contender in a small to medium sized room indeed. And they look the business. It would be interesting to pair it with a SN2.

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That’s cool @Mike_S, glad you got to hear them. How would you say they compare to your Forest Signatures?

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I think room size would be a big factor. The Forest’s are bigger, so need more air to move. So whereas I’d expect them to have a fuller and punchier sound in a large room, they would be too big in a small room and the Tribes may work better. I have the Hawks in my media room which are similar in size (but 2-way) to the Tribes and works great for the room. But when I tried the Forest in the smaller room, there was more detail, but at volume the bass was overwhelming, there just wasn’t enough air to move. In the larger room with the SN2, the Forests really come on song, and I’m delighted with them.

Interestingly, the review was Ho-hum about adding the HiCAP to the SN2, but most comments on the forum have been favourable, so I’m going to give it a go.

Totem Forest signatures, Naim cables that come in the box, 3.5m lengths of NACA5 cable. SN2 and NDX2 mounted on glass shelves with domes in a TV cabinet. NDX2 connected to Apple Time Capsule, Cat 6 Ethernet connection to Naim Uniti Core in another room. Also stream Tidal hi-if, via Naim App.


My feeling is that HiCap made a massive difference to SN, but less so on SN 2 as SN 2 improved greatly on it’s own. Perhaps that made people question the true financial value of upgrading SN2 with HiCap during review.

In the end the blind test is the only way. If you hear the difference and benefits out way cost go for it mate!

I am very keen on XPS DR on NDX 2 when time comes, but on their own these boxes sound stunning. So I really don’t want to rush, but upgrade each part only if I am 100% convinced it makes listening my music even better. I want to savour each change, after all this should be fun…its about music not boxes.


I can understand that, when I auditioned the SN 2 we used a pair of Forest, very nice speaker so I assume your Forest Signatures are that much better.

Hearing Tribe Towers I was surprised as they sounded brighter to me than Forest. I say surprised because Forest use alloy tweeter while Tribes use textile soft dome tweeter. They are very detailed to me.

Signatures use alloy / titanium, would you say they are bright? Have you ever compared Forest to Forest Signatures?