NDX2 vs NSC222

Current Naim system
NAC202/NAP250/Stageline/UnNaimed Power Supply/Roon endpoint March DAC1 (based on Khandas Toneboard DSD256)
Two options
1.Current system except DAC is replaced by the NDX2 working as a Roon Endpoint
2.Change NAC200/Stageline/March DAC for a NSC222

I mainly list in the digital domain, based on the current prices there is only a couple of hundred pounds.

My current DAC is used at DSD256, the current Naim gear supports upto DSD128

Option #1 and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.


My thoughts, but then after speaking with a dealer and Naim the upgrade path of the 222 appears more flexible? I can also use an unNaimed power supply with the NDX2.

I also thought that they both had the same digital board, this is not the case, so will firmware updates stop happening on the NDX2

No. Don’t.



Why not? I have a 202, the PSU I use blows the NAPSC and HiCap out of the water. Naim don’t like people mentioning none Naim power supplies on there forum. So we can’t really go down that route. The power supply wouldn’t happen for a long while anyway.

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You need to decide what your longer term system aspirations are and what you can comfortably afford financially without either overstretching yourself or having to wait years to evolve your system.
Bare in mind there’s plenty of ex demo and used Old Classic kit available including the NDX 2. The majority of that being currently available and likely to remain in manufacturing and certainly supported officially by Naim for many many years to come.
If you don’t intend to use the NDX 2 DAC just get and ND5 XS2 and use it as a digital transport in to your existing DAC (As I read it you wish to keep this longer term)
The existing NAC 202 is your weakest link. If you are happy to lose your DAC and phono stage then a NSC 222 is a solid choice.
You can still use it with your existing NAP 250 as long as required.

NSC 222 doesn’t have a digital output AFAIK. Therefore from a digital streaming point of view it’s a dead end. A DAC upgrade would negate the whole point of the integration of pre and streamer if that’s important.

It is to me hence I’m waiting for an end of line NDX2 when they finally get replaced (no time soon from what I can see however).

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The stageline I have is better than the MM stage in the 222 I have been told.
I am going to have a listening session in a couple of weeks at my local Naim dealer, who, will not let me take my unNaimed power supply, which is fair enough.
He will let me connect my Roon NUC to his system, although the dem room network is indepandant from any of the shop net work.

I except that the NAC202 maybe the weakest link in my Naim gear, but an upgrade would be a 252 or 282, both beyond my means at the moment. They both offer features I do not require. TBH honest all I need is a Naim preamp that has a phono input, and an input for a DAC/streamer, as well as a volume control

@Sinewave, a fair point about the lack of a digital output, maybe Naim thinks that it would degrade the sound?

I listen to LP records frequently, not as often as digital sources.

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Though not answering your question a chat to an Auralic dealer could change your option list.

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At the moment, nobody outside of Naim can state that the preamp section of the NSC 222 is “better” than the NAC 202, the DAC and/or streamer section is “better” than that in the ND5 XS 2, or that adding the NPX 300 is a “better” upgrade than adding the XPS DR to the NDX 2. Just that it’s newer.

You could surely pickup a NAC 282 for less than the cost of a brand new NSC 222 though?
You’d require a HiCap but one of those isn’t hard to find and you seem quite happy looking at alternatives in that respect.

I’d be working out the specifics you require of your sources, the priority (it sounds like it’s primarily digital with occasional analogue), and what you need from your preamp within your budget.
Do you also anticipate keeping your NAP 250 or could you live with something like a Nova and a higher spec phono stage for example?

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I think the naim view would be that a digital output makes no sense on a 222 - you’d be leaving 2/3 of the device (DAC/pre), including all the smart new Statement influenced bits, redundant.

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An Auralic dealer is not local to me, I have to use public transport.

Both options are good and testing at dealers should give you a fair idea which you prefer which ultimately is what matters.
Getting suggestions from forum is good if unsure on direction but you seem fairly focused here.
Enjoy the journey.

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I would get the NDX2 for sure. When its replacement arrives it will be quite a bit more expensive but with the same streaming board so I don’t think it will be going out of fashion any time soon, especially as a lot of people have green Classic systems like yours which the current NDX2 matches.
I would get a 282 though. You already have the power supply so it’s just a straight trade for your 202. Not that the 202 is in any way a bad preamp, but I don’t find it a good match for the 250 at all.

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After reading the different posts on the main thread, it appears that :
Ndx2 is easily better vs 222, as streaming dac.
222 is a bit above the 202 as preamp.

A 282 second hand would be perhaps the best choice, as it works much better with the 250 vs 202/250.
Have no idea how good the March is. It can run DSD 956 ( :grin:) , it’s not a prove of its sound quality capabilities.


According to very reliable sources, the preamp in 222 is actually above 282 Rooster, which also seems more likely considering which preamps it replaces…

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This is all getting very confusing! :rofl:

I will stick with my SN2 with Hicap-DR, NDX2 with XPS-DR.


I agree. SN2 with NDS here. Sounds very good …


Presumably you can also use that PSU to be dedicated for purely the StageLine after whatever you do next and make it a supercharged phono stage.

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