Neat Orkestra speakers - any comments?

Hi all,

I would like to know if any of you already use or demo’ d the new Neat Orkestra speakers. They seem to be very interesting but no magazines reviews yet. I am using their SE2 and very satisfied, I guess the Okrestara will provide a broader sound.

I have no experience with the Orkestra speakers, but there is a review in the March issue of HiFi Plus if you can track it down.

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Neat Acoustics Orkestra | The Ear
Also in Hifi+ issue 193 (March 2021) which you can buy online (pdf).

They look interesting

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I’ve only heard the Orkestra’s smaller sibling the Ekstra the middle speaker in this new range, and thought they were superb.

There’s a really enthusiastic review of the Orkestra in March 2021 Hi-Fi Choice by Ed Selley, but he is a Neat & Naim fan, owning a Supernait2 and formerly Neat Motives too. As mentioned earlier in the thread, a positive review on Hi-Fi Plus as well.

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Another very favourable review in the March edition of Hi Fi Choice, Neat and Naim are always a good match and a pair of the Ekstra’s are on my up grade list once I can get the funds together

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I demoed these earlier this week and I am going in for another listen on Saturday. They are currently my preferred speaker on my shortlist - I loved the warmth and depth of bass, but also that the bass was crisp and not muddied. I prefer the more natural sounding ribbon tweeter over some of the metal based tweeters, which to my ears are too harsh

I covered in the attached thread

Interested to know how you get on


I have purchased them. I believe they will even shine better with a higher spec system such as yours. Suggest you try Naim’s speaker cables

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Congrats @Blondy - I have to say I was really impressed, I’m calling my dealer today to ask to have them at home for a week first before I commit. I’ve just ordered Naim NAC-A5 speaker cable online and there will then follow a serious day of re-configuring, where I lay the cable under the carpet…SWMBO needs to go out that day!


How did your demo go Mike?
I haven’t heard the Orkestra but listened to the Neat Exstra at my dealer today- and they were excellent- now arranging a home demo

Given the name of the speakers, I wonder whether Bob S (owner of Neat Acoustics) thought these were particularly suitable for the lovers of orchestral music… What does the listening experience in this parish suggest?


I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the Ekstra’s on the end of your SN3 when you’ve heard them at home as this is my ultimate end game upgrading from an XS2 and Neat Motive SX2.

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My dealer is the local distributor for Neat I’m looking forward to hearing the Orkestra’s when they finally arrive. From what I’ve read they maybe the speaker I’ll trade my beloved Ryods in on.

New speakers arrived into the dealer last week, he popped over at the weekend and installed them - now running them in and very much enjoying the Kudos Super 20As


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