Speaker options for 282/250DR

I’m auditioning speakers to accompany my newly acquired 282/250dr.

So far I have on my list focal kanta no 2, Dali Rubicon 8, B&W 702 S2, in descending order of price. I’m sure that the law of diminishing returns will kick in somewhere. My ideal budget is £5k, the Focals are way north of that so currently unlikely but recommended by dealer

What else should I add to my list?

Preowned PMC 20.26s?


Maybe have a look at Dynaudio Contour 30. I used Contour S3.4 for 5-6 years with a 282/250 and it was a great match. Sounded beautiful.


FWIW the B&W sound great with my Uniti Star. So they go well with Naim and your amplification should be better so no issues there. I haven’t listened to the others you mention so wouldn’t know how they compare.

If possible try to audition the Revel F206 or F208 as well.

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Depends on the personal taste. From my experience, Dali’s are on the warmer side.
B&W is more neutral, in comparison.
Focal’s audition resumes to high end models in a sh*t room with too much strident/ piercing results, so can’t make an opinion

Ah: +1 on @JosquinDesPrez sugestion


ATC SCM40 speakers are below your target price but easily compete with speakers around your price range. They work really well with a 250DR. When I first heard them I was surprised at how cheap they were.


They’re significantly more expensive than the B&W…

Let’s start by saying that I’ve never heard the ATC (but I would like to).
I’m always sceptical of these kinds of claims. If ATC could sell them for 20% more, why wouldn’t they? And if Dali and others made speakers that are bested by a pair significantly cheaper, why are they still in business / haven’t they lowered their prices?

Could it be that you just greatly prefer the ATC sound? Take as an example Focal and B&W which greatly divide this forum with both fans and people that hate the sound.

But to the OP, do give them a listen if you have the chance. Maybe you agree with @paulbysea. In any case, audition, don’t go by anyone else’s preference. When I was buying speakers I went in “knowing” which ones I’d buy. Good reviews, recommended, etc. Didn’t do it, and walked out with the B&W I hadn’t really considered as contenders.

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Kudos Super 20A. Exactly on your prices and most excellent speaker, deliver plenty of everything.


When I had the 282/250DR combo I was running Totem Hawks … an absolutely stunning/tremendous combination … the only speakers you’ll ever need.


A little over budget, Neat Ultimatum XLS. Might be some ex-dem out there.

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I think ProAc’s have to be on your list. The D30RS in a standard finish are £5175. I own D20R only because in the U.S. we get hosed on products from the UK and other European countries. Of course you guys get it on U.S gear.


Really is personal taste and more importantly what works in your room.



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I was equally sceptical of the ATC40’s supposed superiority, written about by several reviewers. Then when I was listening to the 40s and many of the competitors over recent years, this was when not really looking to upgrade, I did come to think they do punch above their weight and can easily compete with speakers 20% more expensive. Then when reversing my earlier decision to have a one-box system and move back towards a separates system they seemed an obvious choice to me. However, I would agree part of it is a liking to their sound, that they are a bargain is a bonus for me. Whether they are right for the OP is for the OP to determine, but I think they are worth considering for his budget.


Still sceptical, but should definitely have a listen then :slight_smile:

Although the ones I’d really like to hear are the SCM50SL.

I have heard the SCM50 speakers on a 500 system and they sound fabulous but this system is way more than I could afford.

Yeah, same here. And even if I could I wouldn’t want to box count of 500. So if I ever win the lottery I’ll have to hope there’s a SuperNova or similar (not necessarily Naim), or just add a good one-box power amplifer to a Nova and accept the system will be a mullet.


Sacrilege… :sweat_smile::wink:

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I have gone to a Star with a 250 as the first step towards a 2 or 3 box system and I am amazed at how good it is and I am sure part of the step-up is that the power supply in the Star is only powering the preamp and streamer parts of the Star. I would expect the Nova to be a good match with a 250DR and give you a great system. I think there are a few forum users with this combination.

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Update on my afternoon of auditioning speakers:

Focal Kanta’s no 2s - were way too harsh, I was exhausted listening to them, not for my taste

B&W 702s - a possibility, preferred them over the Focal’s

Dynaudio - Confidence 20s - loved the sound, but out of my price range, so next step is to try the Contour 30s but they are currently out on demo. My friendly Naim dealer is going to come and install the demo set in 2-3 weeks for a home audition, but if the sound is similar to the confidence’s these are probably front runners

My local dealer doesn’t stock Dali’s so I need to go elsewhere to listen to those. All in all a successful day


For what it’s worth, my dealer’s opinion is that SCM40s are underpriced against the competition.

Definitely worth a listen but since I have SCM100ASLT in my main system, SCM40s with a Nova in my second, I guess I would say that.