Neat Ultimatum MF7 speakers

I’ve just broken every rule regarding purchasing new speakers by buying these unseen and unheard.
In mitigation I have a dedicated listening room and can be reasonably flexible regarding positioning them.
Currently I have positioned them as follows. 6 feet between speakers.
2ft 6” from rear wall, 1 ft 6” from side wall and 8ft 6” from my listening position.
They do sound wonderful but there is very little information on the internet about these speakers.
Does anybody on here currently or previously have experience of them?
Any advice on speaker positioning would be really helpful.

That’s a nice system you have there! Sorry, I can’t comment on your question, but pretty sure others will chime in … enjoy!

If you have the flexibility to accommodate them, and it seems you have, they will sound superb.



You’ve pretty much got it sorted, just some final tweaking with toe-in and you’ll be there.

Great speakers, which work well with Naim kit. :+1:


Thanks for all your replies. They do sound fantastic. I am lucky as I have the flexibility.
I will play around with toe in tomorrow and see how that goes.

Never owned MF7 but heard them many times and owned MFS for many years.
In general the Ultimatum range respond well to having some space around them (I think due to the isobaric loading and rear port) and not much toe in, if at all. Sounds like you’re off to a great start but it is worth taking the time to optimise cm by cm once you think you’re close.
It’s also worth trying the speaker cable on both the high and low inputs - depending on your room you will likely prefer one vs the other.
Congratulations, they are fantastic speakers.

Thanks Elfer. Thanks for the tip regarding trying the different speaker inputs.
I will see which I prefer. I’ve only had a chance to play a couple of albums so far but I am hearing details that I’d not previously heard and they sound absolutely wonderful. These are a tremendous second hand buy.



Just an afterthought, bin the supplied links for the speakers in favour of a cable connection between the top and bottom terminals.

My cables run into the bottom terminals, with links to the top pair (system in my profile), and though I’ve tried all sorts of cross combinations, I can’t hear any difference … but then, I am of an elderly disposition, and rely on electrically assisted aural receptors. :wink:


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the tip. I currently have my NacA5 plugged into the bottom terminals.
I will look into NAcA5 jumpers in due course.
To be honest these sound so freaking good even without being spiked yet and position tweaking.



Welcome to the Neat Club, there’s lot’s of us about … and if you ever have any questions, call Bob Surgeoner at Neat, who couldn’t be more helpful, most definitely one of the good guys.

Disclaimer: I have no connection, financial or otherwise with Neat Acoustics … they just happen to make brilliant speakers! :hugs:



Thanks for that Dave. I’m definitely not an expert on Neat speakers these being the first I have owned.
I must say they are wonderful. So much detail and presence. Hopefully that is the end for me now regarding speakers.

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I have had mine for getting on for 14/15 years. Wonderful sounding speakers. What colour did you pick up?

What are you driving them with? They like a bit of current…

Figured Birch I think it’s called. I couldn’t afford what would be the current equivalent brand new. I was very lucky considering the cost they were tremendous vfm.
I am so happy with them. What colour do you have?

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I have a Naim Nap300 non Dr driving them. I have to say it seems to be a match made in heaven!

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That’s great - congrats - mine are Red Velvet Cloud…the 300 you have works wonderfully well with them. I’ve had my speakers in four different rooms now and they’ve always slotted right in and made themselves at home. Enjoy.


They look gorgeous. I would love to have found them in that finish in the wild.
They same pretty rare. There is not a lot of information about the MF7 on the internet.
Mine were are a customer trade in who bought them new from the same shop but was downsizing. They are not mint but are in very good condition.

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Perfect match for the 300 :+1:

Thanks. I’ve just had a look in my filing system and I have the original instructions for the MF7 and the brochure for the Ultimatum range - happy to share with you if you’ve not seen them…

That would be fantastic. I did try and contact Neat Acoustics via their website earlier this week in case they had any old instructions or brochures but as yet I have not had a reply.
I will see if I can message you my email and would be delighted if you would send me a copy.

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