Neat xl6

I wonder if someone here have an experience with NEAT XL6 with 135’s.
I own now B&W 804 D3 and trying to decide if to upgrade to XL6.
my system is:
52+SC+135’s (all updated and recapped recently)
I listen mostly to vinyls (LP12+KEEL+ARO+XX2+SL+SC)
Also owns an ATOM for streaming.
I would love to read your thoughts in regards

When I heard them at a dealer demonstration I thought they were the speaker I wanted to have but alas they just didn’t work in my lounge when we had a home demo.

But lovely rich engaging sound. Have a demo.

Good luck,


Hi I have xl6 in a 500 system and have had them for the last 7 years with no thoughts of changing. They work with all types of music and are involving even at low volume. They may be room dependent , June are a foot and half off rear wall. I have put Gaia isolation feet on which improved them even more. As ever, with speakers see if you can get a home dem.

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I could be wrong but hasn’t @dave-marshall got a pair of these Neats with a big Naim set?


In which case, Dave can you please knock your midweek social on the head and get back home because your forum needs you :slight_smile:

thanks, well, mine are 135’s which are a bit “weaker”, and they are 86db so quiet sensible…
that’s why i’m afraid. any idea how they copare with the 804’s?

I have also an opportunity to buy the MF7 second hand (less than half the price of the XL6 new) how they compare with them? there are no new NEAT models matching the MF7

Dave has Ultimatum MF9’s :slight_smile:

Its a no brainer, the MF7’s are a bigger better speaker :slight_smile:


The XL6’s you mention would seem to be the newer version of the discontinued MF5, and, as you say, there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent to the MF7.

Having had both in my system, there’s no question but that the MF7 is a substantially better speaker than the MF5, and though I’ve never heard the XL6, I’m assuming that it would win in that contest too.

The only issue is that speakers are so room dependent that a home demo is always recommended, though that is usually not possible if buying second hand.

My MF9’s, some six weeks old, and at less than half list price at the time, were bought “blind” though I’d had a pair of MF7’s in use for three years before that, and had some idea of how they would sound.

If you can arrange to hear the MF7’s at the seller’s house, that would at least enlighten you as to the differences between the Neat’s presentation and your present B&Ws.

Difficult decision, as you can’t hear the MF7’s at home, but sometimes, a bargain is just too good to resist.

Good luck.

I have Neat xl6’s driven by a pair of 135s, with a slightly above ‘akurate level’ LP12 and a Linn Akurate streamer as the source/preamp. They sound really really fabulous. I have however just had a demo adding a 282/HiCapDR and this was a revelatory step up, so looking forward to that arriving soon! I can’t rate the xl6s highly enough. However, and this is tricky because they’re big and heavy to demo, what room you put them in matters.

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Another thumbs up for the XL6. A lovely detailed speaker that is neutral, transparent and permits many hours of listening pleasure without feeling fatigued. In respect of downsides, I’d also echo the comments of others about room dependency ie I found the speaker quite sensitive to its positioning within the room.

Further on the room and the xl6s… when my dealer came out to demo a 282/hicap he suggested I toe-in the xl6s slightly. Never thought to move them before and it made a very positive difference. Overall message … fabulous speakers, distance from the wall and precise positioning/orientation makes an important difference

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Room dependancy makes a difference with all speakers. Its always worth taking the time and effort to get the placement right.

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Yes, of course! They were carefully positioned previously by a highly respected dealer who installed them and they sounded so fabulous compared to the SBLs I had before that I never thought to move them again.

How close to a rear wall can they be placed?

I have them about 30cm away but they may benefit from even a little more distance. Still sound great though!

I need to be about 15cm away - any ideas?

A home demo really is essential. It’s not only about space behind, but also to the sides and the distance between you and the speaker.



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