Need more oomph

Hi everyone. Long time Naim user but first time posting.

I’m finding the ndx2 - SN3 - nac A5 - KANTA 3 combination to sound a bit thin. It goes low, as you’d expect, but your everyday kind of upper bass frequency seems to be lacking.

The amp is run in but the speakers only have about 120 hrs on them.

As it stands, it sounds a bit, errmm, vanilla, unless you find the perfect track to feed it.

The amp has only been used for AV pass through since it arrived earlier this year, hooked up to my old Ruark Prologue floorstanders but they had plenty of support from a pair of BK monolith subs, so never really questioned the SN3’s punch.

Moving forward to recently, giving the SN3 an ndx2 as a source and the Kanta 3’s as an outlet, I kind of expected more.

I’m either thinking that the kantas need running in a lot more, or the SN3 shouldn’t have been paired with the Kanta 3 in the first place.
I feel that these speakers won’t be happy until they’re being pushed along by at least twice the umph.

My question is - What do other people with the same speakers have with regard to amplification and source?

I use a Supernait 3 with Kudos X3s in my living room and a church organ couldn’t give me any more Oomph. :flushed:

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My 2c, after 120 hours they’re not fully broken in but I don’t think there will be any major changes. Looking at some measurements in reviews online, it looks like the Kanta 3 is not the easiest load?

@Skeptikal, If the kanta’s do leave the building, I’ll be trying a pair of Kudos in one form or another.


Yes @RvL I’ve seen the same too regarding them being difficult, but when I did the demo in store using all the same equipment, they didn’t sound to be missing much.
They did use different interconnects and cable. The place where I bought them is calling by this week with the cables to have a listen.

I’ll be gob smacked if it’s the cables don’t let them sell you cables to correct something, I’d ditch the focals and get a better matched speaker to the SN3 and room.

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If… (don’t know) the Focals are a bit too much weight to pull for the SN3, that won’t be solved by cables. Regardless type or price. A best, they could only mask the underlying issue as a band aid. But again, I don’t know how the SN3 matches with these speakers.

The Kanta 3 is a lot of speaker and I doubt it’s an ideal match for the SN3. You wouldn’t normally match a £3,500 integrated with large complex £9,000 speakers. I have a Supernait 3 and am delighted with it, but then my speakers are only a foot high.

As others have said, don’t expect changing leads to help. Get the fundamentals right: the speaker/amplifier match.


Yes DON’T go down the cable road Naca is fine. Did you home demo the speakers pretty much essential. I heard the SN2 with Focal Sopra 2s and it was fine and can’t imagine the SN3 is any different. Certainly the Kantas are going to run in over a period but whether this will cure the problem? Could you ask your dealer to come and have a listen and perhaps lend you another speaker to try?



How have you got the Kanta positioned (distance from wall; toe in etc)?


@Wolf105 and @anon4489532
I was more than sceptical when told that the SN3 would drive them, but when we demo’d them, I was so surprised that I went and checked the cabinet below the SN3 for any skullduggery, in the form a power amp.

Main thing that differs from there to here is obviously the room. Our room is probably twice the size.

The other is that I’ve never been convinced by my SN3. I’ve even done a back to back comparison with my old trusty 90/92 pre/power combo. Whilst there was a difference, it wasn’t as much as you’d think.

I’m going to ask them to bring their SN3 with them, just to be sure that there’s not an underlying issue with mine.

I drive my Kanta 1’s with a 52/olive 250. I think the OPs system is a little unbalanced and would benefit from a more powerful amp. Any chance you can demo something suitable?

@LindsayM the speakers were taken on the proviso that they could be returned, so there’s no worries there.

They’re coming out to me some time this week, so we’ll be trying a few options and checking things over.

All in all, the dealer has been very accommodating, so no complaints there.

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@Naim.Marketing they’re about 8" from the wall, with a shade of toe.
My main worry about buying them was that due to positioning, the bass would have overpowered the music, hence insisting on the ability to return them.
I do feel that the speakers will be very good with more power.

Try a pair of Kudos even go to Super 20s they’ll leave them for dead.
I couldn’t have any more power or slam than I get now and constantly beefing up power to inefficient speakers is a hiding to nothing.
Been there and done that it’s a carrot on a stick to empty your pocket.
Less is more. :+1:t2:


@haydj there was always a plan to upgrade the amp. I know that the speakers are next level, but that’s where our system is heading. Just didn’t want to do it so soon, haha!

Maybe they can bring a pre/power too, e.g., with the 250. Your room being twice the size (that’s 4 times the volume if ceiling height is the same) may well be the difference, so if it’s the same with the dealer’s SN3 you can try if the 250 makes a difference or not

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I read, in a review, that these Kanta need an amp that is happy with 2 ohm to get them shine to their full ability. If true, this suggests a 250DR as a minimum, I guess…

That’s the plan, although I’m not too proud to just bail on the Kanta’s if it’s looking like they’re not going to work in my room.
I know what I’m after, sound wise, so that’s half the battle.

Sure, that’s the point. Just thought I’d remind you to save time by having them bring more grunt and not only their SN3

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