Need to Reboot my Streamer (ND5XS2) about once every 10 days. Is this to be expected?

I have a new ND5XS2 which is about 4 weeks old. I am running Ethernet to the router. I find I have to reboot the streamer about every 10 days. There’s a red light. When I reboot, the red light flashes and then turns to green. Is this to be expected? Is my streamer defective? Thanks.

Not from my experience @Jaybar, I’ve only had to reboot mine once and that was because of my network rather the the streamer.
Presumably your network is stable?
Are you Wi-Fi connected or Hardwired? Not that that should make any difference to something that is so regular though…:thinking:

@QuickSticks ee are hard wired Ethernet. Thanks.

Sorry, I have no advice to give I’m afraid.
I hope you get it sorted out.
The conventional wisdom in these matters is to refer to your dealer. Good luck🤞🏽

As with all streamers, and notwithstanding its appearance, it is a computer. And most, if not all, computers benefit from being rebooted from time to time. I don’t know the ND5XS2, but when I had a Mk1 it definitely improved things to reboot periodically, and I took to doing if monthly as a matter of routine, on a problem prevention basis rather than waiting and finding a problem when I was wanting to play music. However, being necessary as frequently as every 10 days does seem excessive.


That’s bad news.

You need to google it – there is a Naim website which tells you what to do when your streamer red light is flashing.

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Solid green light is good. I’m listening to my ND5 XS2 now and it has a solid green light


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