Network Acoustics ENO filter

I know that this product has been mentioned in passing elsewhere but I thought that it deserved a thread of it’s own. I have the silver version and it is placed between my switch and NUC.

It does require burn-in to perform at it’s best [for those who do not believe in burn-in please ignore that remark. I do not want to debate the topic]. It brings all the usual hi-fi virtues of space, dynamics, scale, tonal purity, removal of harshness etc. But what is most remarkable is the ability to let detail shine through. I was very surprised by how good it is.


Did you also buy their streaming cable?

Yes, but shamefully I have not compared the sound quality with and without it!

@MrUnderhill do you write under a different name on WigWam?

Hi Nemo,

If you go to the Users Review section you will see all the threads belong to George47, who is the editor in chief. If you look at the ENO reviews there is one by George and one by me, Martin V.



Based on Mr. Underhill’s review and the review in The Ear, I purchased the ENO AG System. Running it between an English 8 Switch and a Nova. Definite sound improvement that has been getting better over time. I did try the filter first with a high end Luna Orange Ethernet Cable. Then with the AG cable. In my opinion I felt that the Ag Cable configuration was better. Moved the Luna cable to my Roon Nucleus +. With the AG System (ENO Filter + AG Cable) in place the noise floor has dropped significantly. I am hearing more instruments (they definitely are more pronounced). Rich Trussell, the developer, is easy to reach by email and has offered several suggestions to improve the sound- such as adding another less expensive switch next to my router before the 5 meter cable run to the EE8 switch- that also helped. I have been very happy with the product, which to me, being a passive solution seems like a great alternative to using the much more complex solution provided by using an EtherRegen in between the EE8 and the Nova (which I had considered).


Thanks for the identification to an interesting and enjoyable review. Unlike you, I think I would point to a significant improvement in detail and scale from using this filter, especially after it has burnt in, though I realise this may be a matter of emphasis of what I found important.

As many will have noticed, I was very impressed with the Network Acoustics ENO network filter. I therefore decided to try a second filter to augment performance in my second Roon zone. The configuration delivering the network signal goes like this: router > cat6a > switch > ENO filter > NUC running Roon core > ENO filter > switch > router > cat 6a > second switch > ENO filter > PC running Roon bridge and control.

In my zone 2 the set-up is less optimal, not least that the speakers are closer together and toe-in is a compromise between what is needed for watching films and the requirements for stereo. The addition of the second filter brought a considerable increase in coherence and imagery as well as still enjoying all the other benefits. I feel this is a very worthwhile addition in terms of performance gained. Zone 2 has the benefit of two filters in its network connection.

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Though to mention there are far cheaper network filters available

Thanks for posting this. It is a pity he only tried it with the EtherRegen switch. Nevertheless it is an informative and interesting review. The ENO seems to be gaining traction

No, he tried it in his systems and ALSO tried it with the EtherRegen as he felt viewers would want to know about this combination.

Thought his review was spot on.


What I intended this to mean was that he only reported using the ENO with the EtherRegen and did not compare the performance when combined with a different “audiophile” switch. Sorry for the ambiguity.

For those wanting to see the review here is a link: Hans Beekhuyzen ENO filter - Bing video

I notice in the Hans Beekhuyzen video he mentions that the output of this filter is limited to 100MHz. I wonder if that, in part, has something to do with the differences heard, e.g. less and lower frequency noise (which is more easily suppressed ) entering ( or generated by) the streaming device?

I’m using a managed switch (Netgear GS108T), I’ll have to learn how to get into it and have a play with the port settings

Hi Nemo,

I thought it was interesting that he was less than impressed by the combination, makes me glad I stuck with the 2960!

The ENO itself arrived and stuck, as did their network cable. Good bit of kit.


I never tried an EtherRegen as I was put off by the reports of it running very hot. This just didn’t seem like sound engineering to me although I am sure all owners will disagree with me.

Yes, the ENO is very good and I have used it with a variety of switches, including the Cisco 2960.

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ENO filter and Ethernet Ag cable added to my system this week. Put it between Melco and NDX2 after lengthy discussion with the guys at Network Acoustics. The Melco connects to a daisy-chained Cisco 2960.

There is a definite improvement to the streaming playback, and the NDX2’s analogue output is more natural. I no longer desire a 555PS replacement for my XPS-DR.

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