Network scan on Naim app

How many have tried the network scan and were afraid of bad news?
I did it and was pleased to see “very good” with the needle almost to the end of the measuring line.
My ndx2 is direct wired.

Hi David,

You will find an active discussion on this below. A lot are not convinced of anything it tells us.

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I tried tot download the 23 release but it dit not work. Do I have to delete the app and then download?

It is 5.23 that you need for this new but not very useful feature. You shouldn’t need to uninstall first. What platform are you installing it on, and what version is the operating system on it

App op iPad muziek op untiti Nova streamen vanaf qobuz

If its an old iPad still on version 12.x, then I would not uninstall first. Later versions it should be fine.

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