New 250 question

Read the new 250 specs ,100w 8 ohm 0.1 dist.Then we have 190w 4 ohm 1.00 dist.Now this is what I call to manipulate specs,that was naver the NAIM way.I would like to know tha actual power 4 ohm 0.1 dist and not this useless 1.00 figure.Another question,since the late 1980 I owned the two 70 w versions and the 80w DR version all of them with a 400va transformer and this facts where allways stated on the specs page.Now the new 250 specs page does not state the power of it"s transformer and i was wondering if NAIM is using the same 400 va transformer or is it a bigger one.

would this help?

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Yes it does,thanks

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Both the NAP 250DR and the NAP 300 share the same 1020VA torroidal transformer. The 400/500VA figures are for transients.

The increase in power and current delivery for the new classic series might be due to the newer NA009 transistors or an ever bigger transformer being used.

I’d ignore specs and use my ears.