New 2k amp recommendations

Ok a recent home demo revealed I actually need a new amp in the second system so am currently in the market for a 2k ish amp.

Main system has a Supernait 3 and HCDR2, which replaced an XS2 with the HC. So very familiar with their sound.

So candidates are XS3, Rega Elicit and Technics SU G700. Speakers will be Guru Q10’s, the demo of the G60’s was illuminating but having randomly swapped the small fellas back in they bring more enjoyment.

Front end is all Rega with P3 and Apollo and Musical Fidelity MX Dac.

If there is anything else I should be thinking about then open to options.


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With only £2k I suggest looking secondhand or at least ex-dem to maximise buying power (decent amps last for many years, though some, like Naim, need servicing/recapping every 10 years or so).

Second hand Supernait 3?

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Cheers IB, I get it’s only “2k” but the dem has been a salutary lesson in realising what you have may be better than you thought.

My Q10’s give me 95% of what the Q60’s offer, and in many ways more are better all rounders, however, if I were to throw loads of amp at them, totally accept it could be a turnaround.

It’s a second system, and there are quite a few new amps around 2k ish that look pretty decent.

I’m more than prepared to consider a pre owned but if it then means sending it off for a few weeks to get it serviced at an additional few hundred , well kinda missing the point.

My Densen b100 sounds pretty incredible with the guru q10’s but is left wanting with the q60’s. But it’s 25 plus years old and can’t keep going forever and whilst there is s lifetime warranty for first owners, Densen don’t do servicing like a Naim. So I am finally accepting that this absolute beauty of an amp deserves a gracious retirement.

So I’m looking for anyone with experience of a an amp around 2k that they found an interesting prospect.

On a separate but related note, what does anyone do with a much loved component once it might not be at it fighting weight but hell, you can’t just tip it?


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Put it in the loft, and ignore objections from one’s wife. In my case anyway.

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Cheers @Chocky , yes would consider them, both the Rotel and the Technics are of interest because of that.

@Neilb1906 has recently switched from XS3 to the Technics and it’s something I’ve been considering since seeing the reviews. Looks stunning as well.

Can I ask, does that prospect affect the current decision making process? That’s one of the reasons for sticking with Naim (or Rega?) IMO

Hey GT,

No, just catholic guilt. I’ve had the Densen combo for over 25 years and scarred by leaving a perfectly working Nak cassette deck down the local tip I’m just inclined to box up and put in the loft, but feels a bit stupid and sentimental.

The replacement amp will be just that, no trade in etc.

The obvious choice for the new amp seems to be the Rega Elicit, given Rega cd and turntable up steam of it, but I’ve been really taken by the looks and reviews of the Technics at 2k as well.

Cheers. Adam

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I have the supernait 3 with the Hicap and a Denon PMA 2500NE, the Denon is so good that I keep it when I acquired the supernait, and also has phono mm and mc and has an internal great DAC, pair the internal dac with a blue sound node or better an ifi zen stream and the Denon will make amazing things.

The Denon beats the supernait in creation of big spaces, wider lateral image and lots of great detail, also have a lot of punch and is an impressive beast.

The supernait 3 have more refinement on some music and I love what it does, the bass is more refined also and a little more present.

I have both but I could live great with any of them, the Denon gives you lots of fun an is a bigger bang for the buck, and the result could surprise you if your speakers like it, also has a lot more current than the supernait and can deal with 2 ohm and even 1 ohm loads.

Try to have a listen to it.

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For 2K those Denon, Technics and Nait suggestions seem mighty good. In my opinion all three are superb and scratch a different itch.

If it were me, I’d be adding the Welsh made Nytech CA352 integrated to that list.

image courtesy of nytechaudio


I’d go secondhand on the well known auction site. You will get a lot more amp for this budget and push you into 4-5K amps.

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I have owned the Nytech CA352 and it is a superb amp but a recent move to a small cottage and a difficult room meant I had to look at other possibilities. I took a punt on a Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 and couldn’t be happier. RoomPerfect was very easy to set up and made a real difference to the listening experience. It drives my Guru Juniors very well. I was sorry so see the Nytech go but needs must.


badlyread, why Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 suits and Nytech CA352 did not? Which speaker cable do you use with Juniors?

Hi Andre

The small living room is difficult (the listening position is not ideal) and the Lyngdorf has RoomPerfect which is room correction software that improves the sound produced in the room by adjusting the frequency curves (a quality mic and stand are included and the whole process takes less than 30 minutes). It reduced my box count as well - streamer/DAC built in. I loved the Nytech but the Lyngdorf works better in this environment.

Tellurium TQ Black 2 run to the Gurus.


for a different flavour maybe one of the Prima Luna Integrated amps - couldn’t be more different to Naim with the tubes but they sound great…

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Took the plunge, need to sort out positioning etc but went for the Technics, which I already had a hankering after anyway.

Opted for the black when I preferred the silver but it’s much better in the flesh than in the pics.


Wow, quick work! They do look awesome 8)

Potential supply problems so it might have been a choice that wasn’t around for long.

Only had a quick listen but the phono stage is really interesting, so totally silent, well until the opening track of London Grammar on their latest album with the added “vinyl crackle”.

It’s certainly got a big soundstage and the speaker calibration / optimisation is a new experience.

Will simplify everything on the rack and work on better positioning etc.

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Should add really appreciate all the recommendations, cheers.